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January 12

I’m going to try to do this quickly so please ignore my typing mistakes and try to read through them.

We came to UofM because the radiation oncologist told us this is the best way to be seen. When I was not allowed to go into the ER I was very upset and felt like we walked into a trap. I have been by Mark’s side through all of this. I talk to every doctor, every nurse and I even have to remind them of things he can and cannot do etc. Mark doesn’t know the names of the drugs he takes. I mean we all know he is sharp but he has not had to deal with this stuff and so the doctors start asking him questions and he doesn’t know the dates of the procedures or who did them or what the name of his blood thinner is. I have no idea what is going on there and Mark is completely by himself.

They did get an MRI in (this is good) and they did admit him (this is also good) but they changed the rules at like midnight last night that patients cannot have any visitors. At all! Don’t get me started and take a breath before you text me ….I believe this is a basic human right. To have someone at your side during traumatic experiences and healing. He will be on strong drugs after surgery and will remember very little. They will then send him home to me and I will have zero knowledge and instruction. I understand if a 3 day stay in the hospital has to happen for a procedure and they won’t let someone in but this is going to be almost 2 weeks!!

Surgery on Friday.

One week recovery.

They said he still have strong bones above and below the bad area and they will be fusing and adding some metal in there. It will be slow to get walking again but its either this or slow path to paralysis. We choose this. After surgery they will be doing radiation to stop the cancer in the back and back area (it is in his pelvis as well).

My goal today is to get into the hospital. I do actually need papers signed and a notary there so maybe that is how I can do this. I don’t want to fight. We had to fight to get there…we have to be on top of his care all the time because no one else is. We pay to stay there…to have medical care there and I think we should be able to have a spouse there. Are we still living in America?

Technology is not on my side today so pray I can make the phone calls I need to make.

I will update you periodically. I posted on my FB stories and my messages are blowing up! I mean it feels good to be loved but I can’t respond to everyone..I get distracted from what I need to be doing.

I missed breakfast at the hotel but the nice lady got me 2 bananas. I have coffee and water. I’m good.

Pray hard guys and if you have connections ( real ones I mean) use them! Mark does not want to be sitting there by himself for 8 more days trying to recover from a pretty invasive surgery.


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  1. I am so sorry Dusty. This is so maddening and makes no sense to me. Continuing to pray hard for you all. So thankful there is a plan to finally improve Mark’s back though. Can’t even imagine what I would do in your situation. ❤️

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  2. i’m sorry our society is so maddening! drives me nuts. just a thought…. will the Drs do facetime with you every time they talk to Mark? we had to do that with a couple of John’s Heart dr appointments and my cousin did it it’s her dads appointments. it’s not perfect but at least you might get the information you need without relying in Mark to remember….

  3. Praying hard for you and Mark, Dusty. I just texted my daughter-in-law who is a physician at Mott children’s hospital, and also my son who is a local Ann Arbor doctor. Maybe they know somebody that can help you.

  4. Call the hospital and ask for a patient advocate. If they are “confused” ask to speak to the president of the hospital.

    I’m praying for you guys. I TOTALLY understand your side of this. Sadly, You really have to get nasty to get what is best for Mark.

  5. Oh my word! I’m mad FOR you. Sometimes we need common sense when there are rules and it seems there isn’t any to be had in this case. I will be praying specifically that you are allowed in.

  6. My only connection is Jesus, Lord Jesse, please, we beg of you, please please intervene as you are Almighty and all powerful and we are not.

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  7. I think that is why he lost his grandma and great aunts, Dusty! They couldn’t have visitors and that affects healing. So sorry for all you are going through. We are praying for both of you. Take care of yourself.

  8. Praying for you as well as Mark, Dusty. Kraig and I are praying for miracles!, We are praying for God to perform a miracle!! We all need to pray for a miracle!! I’m hurting for you Dusty and pray for a miracle! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  9. Wrapping my arms around you right now, friend! ❤️😔❤️ God is still good….even in the sh*tstorm that life sometimes throws at us! Cling to him and his promises to get you through! Praying hard for a miracle for Mark and grace and favor for you as you walk this path before you! Love you. 😘🙏🏼

  10. Been prating every night for peace for you and Mark, and that God’s plan be revealed soon I know he has a plan for Mark. Just hang in there, I know Coved protocols can be challenging, but in the long run they may protect someone else. A little humorabout your bat issue. From experience, if you kill them you could get a fine if they find out ( $85.00) nd please please take care n the attic. Bat guava can give you a seveer respiratoryissue. Be well, and the prayers will never cease’

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