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I’m Dusty, and I’m here to help you conquer your chaos! As a mom of six, I want to support and inspire you to find your best-self when you feel like you don’t have any more to give!
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Fitness Accountability

Accountability builds trust, improves performance, promotes ownership and inspires confidence.  The most important result of accountability is trust, which is essential in any relationship. Being accountable to something or someone means that you're willing to make commitments and be responsible for your actions.

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Clean Eats
Body Fuel

In our current, fast-paced, instant gratification world, it may seem impossible to get the proper nutrition your body needs. Correct eating improves performance and helps you reach your maximum potential. Check out my favorite products that will help you achieve your performance goals without depriving your taste buds.

Stellar Programs
Stellar Programs

Programs are tools needed to lose weight, get in shape, and kick-start healthy habits that last a lifetime. If you want to slash inches from your waist and shed body fat, you need to stick to a good program. If you’re ready to fight for the body you’ve always wanted, you won’t be disappointed with my favorite work-out programs.

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Interested in joining my coaching team, changing your life and the lives of others?  Just fill out the form, and I will be in contact with you soon. In the meantime what are your short and long-term goals for your life?  What do you dream of doing?  Be ready because I'm going to ask you. 🙂  Talk soon!

Warrior Wall

The Warrior Wall is full of hard-working, dedicated, and motivated individuals who know there are no shortcuts to a healthy lifestyle.  These people have put forth the hard work that is required along with the consistency to reach their health and fitness goals. To meet one of these awesome people, click the photo.

Warrior Wall


Warrior Wall


Warrior Wall


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Be A Warrior

No one ever says "remember that time I didn't go for what I wanted?"  Today turns to tomorrow and tomorrow turns to next year. Let's get started today!