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October 18th

I thought I’d do smaller short updates between publishing so I could get more details but its already Monday!

I’m not looking forward to dialysis. I just don’t want to do it but once again remind myself, I’m not the patient. Mark does not enjoy this either.

Saturday was the race and I did post about that on my FB. Kids did great and it was a perfect running day but the course was slippery and wet. I can’t even remember Saturday night but I think Al-star cuddled with me on the sofa and that was nice. We are in Season 3 of Survivor.

Sunday we planned a family work day at our Newagyo house and we thought if we brought Mark’s special chair and he had pain meds he could “hang out” up there while we all worked. It was a beautiful day!! Both my brothers came, my parents, all my nieces and nephews, my kids, Karson’s girlfriend and then some extended family stopped by and friend from church. I did not set ONE piece of tile but we did get yard work done, piles moved, wood burned and a good over all clean up. We were able to move the hot tub to the lower deck and the new deck had plenty of room for qbout 18 people to hang out and eat. Perfect. I know Mark longs for the hot tub but it will be a couple months before he can get in. I am afraid if I fill it up…he will sit in it when I’m not looking and get his CVC wet, and worse, get some weird infection in his access. Mark lasted over 5 hours up there and was comfortable. We ended the afternoon by the fire and then decided to head home. Yep, we watched a couple of episodes of Survivor and another food failry came by with soup and salad and GF DF muffins. Thats for today baby!!

I almost forgot! Gio Weeks had 8 football friends staying at his Kent City house and they have been playing for and praying for Mark and so after church they came over to our house to meet Mark, shake his hand and pray with him. They listened to his story about the girl stopping him to pray and they graciously listened. He thanked them for praying and asked them not to cease. It was really neat and special and super cool that 9 Wheation Football players were standing in my living room. Who would have thunk?


October 18th-Mark had crazy weird swelling in his right leg this weekend which involved major quad/it band cramping…we are assessing this now and hoping its not a blood clot or anything like that.  Also (TMI?) he was able to have his own BM this morning.  Praise the Lord.  Lets pray this keep going!!!  It is much needed.  If he poops great then we can eat more and gain more muscle back!

Dialysis is going great so far!!  I mean, I hate it but…its been going great.

October 20th-Today we have to get and ultra sound to make sure he doesn’t have a blood clot. The leg is already feeling better and so we feel like it probably will be aa waste of an afternoon….but we will go anyways.

My computer got fixed!!!  The battery is now 100% and I can work better.  This is awesome

Yesterday I talked about my sister online. Its the 22nd?? anniversary of her death.  I didn’t often even think about it until one year on facebook I posted about it and now FB reminds me. Not sure if that is good or bad.  But anyways, yesterday I was thinking about how even that linked Mark and I together.  Mark and I went to high school together and so did his sisters and mine, so we all knew each other.  When my sister was murdered, one of the main suspects early on was a kid we went to high school with and who my sister dated and was still friends with at the time of her death.  He also dated Mark’s sister at one time.  I’m not going to go into all the details but we were both being interviewed regarding my sister at the same time and we didn’t know it.  So when I started going back to church and Mark came home (from Alaska) for a bit, we started talking.  He started running with me as I was training for the Honolulu Marathon.  When you run long runs…you have long talks!  We really got to know each other better then and this was one of the many topics that united us.  If you want more info on Rebecca’s death…because I’m not going into it here (and we are all a bit nosey at heart)….you can look it up. Google knows alot of stuff. Rebecca Huismann 1999, Lansing Michigan and you can use keywords Drew Plankton. Also there is a book called The Evil Next Door, written by a Lansing journalist about Stephanie Bennett (South Carolina) who was also killed by Plankton.  Becca’s case makes a debut in the book and you get to see into the head of a serial killer (its creepy) a bit and see how the process unfolded. (Sorry, mom if you are reading this and it made you sad)

Mark feels extra tired.  He doesn’t know why.  First he had more energy and now he sleeps alot.  This concerns him.  We have a virtual meeting with the oncologist next Monday and then on the 1st….we go to UofM for more labs and his second immunotherapy session.  He is on day 5 of Lenvima.

Thank you everyone for all your help and prayers!!!

If you want to help and don’t know how…we are still doing a Meal Train 

My friend also set up a Go Fund Me and even though that feels really weird we hotpe that that will totally cover the out of pocket medical expenses over the next couple of years as we know we will max out each year and probably in the first month.

I’m not asking…I’m just giving the sources.

And yes, the text is darker. You are welcome.

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