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Jan 29th

Yesterday we did dialysis at home and it went super smooth again, only one alarm, but Mark had low blood pressures all through it and after. We challenged his body two days in a row to get the fluid off and perhaps it just wiped him out. I had a great photo/video app of Mark in his chair, with his Bible, singing a hymn. My phone was not available. He has been reading and rereading Psalm 38-40 and feels just like David (almost to the T) in 38. We followed that session up with getting 34 of the 40 staples out. In hindsight, I should have asked for the tool to remove the rest myselft on Monday but…it was in hindsight…which most of my good ideas are. He also had a hydrotherapy session after that which we would call successful. Then home, where he slept mostly. Friends brought dinner and we sat around and chatted. Mark sleeps in sections at night, getting up to take meds and then stretching before returning to bed or his chair. This in combination with the fact that he has cancer roaming through his body just leaves him exhausted all the time.

Today he left for a CVid test. Everything is so weird. You can walk into a clinic or dr office and just get “screened” but if they are going to even make the smallest incision you must have a test done. I’m a little concerned that these medical professionals don’t understand how viruses work. So we play the game and he is driving down to GR (again!) just for a quick little saliva test that HAS to be done at the center in which he is getting his fistula fixed. Mark called on a friend this morning to take him so I could have a “day off”. I’m gearing up for a long walk but it’s 9 degrees out (which doesn’t bug me) and my phone didn’t charge last night so I’m waiting for it to be fully charged so I can listen to my podcasts on my walk. I might, maybe stop at Timbertown. I mean I’m trying to drink less coffee but I’m not sure I can just pass by. I love the ladies that work there and I must support my friend Julie.

I’m wondering if he can take his old chemo pill while we wait for the new one to come . He can at least get in a week and maybe a week and a half of it until radiation but really there is no one to ask. You can message in the portal and hope that someone sees it and responds. I like to have a direct number to call. It doesn’t work that way. Lets pray the new medication shows up early next week and he CAN take it and it DOES do something, even if it’s just urinating.

Hopefully Mark will feel better soon and come atcha with some great stories and such.


Another month is just gone. Last I knew it was August.

Mark has another restless night. His gut just feels awful and creates discomfort and really kills any appetite. He needs to eat but..its another catch 22. He holds extra fluid but he is dehydrated. If he drinks too much then he feels more bloated and it has nowhere to go. Anyways, we just finished up church on YouTube (Kent City Baptist Church) and he has one hour to go on the machine. We took off 2L today so as not to push him too much. He felt really cruddy yesterday and we didn’t want to challenge his body too much but yet we need to get the fluid off.

I was reading in my Just Ask book last night that talks about prayer and how to pray..and he does encourage you to pray with and through scripture. Read God’s word. I was anxious this morning to do dialysis (I always am) so I grabbed Mark’s Bible and just read where ever it was. Proverbs. The verse I read was exactly on topic with a conversation Mark and I were having before he drifted off to sleep. Then I read 20:6 and felt very lucky to have a husband who is faithful.

We will finish up here and pack and eat some food and then take off to Ann Arbor after we make sure our kid are settled. The slow fall of the humungous snowflakes look beautiful outside. I just hope that it doesn’t stick to the roads and make for a slippery ride.

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  1. So thankful that Mark is home, even though it isn’t your “normal” home life yet. We continue to pray for both of you many times throughout the day. Praying for safe driving to AA and back.! Praying the new chemo pills come quickly and do the job!!

  2. I was friends with Mark in college. I live somewhat close to Ann Arbor.
    Let me know if there is anything I can help with. Also, if Mark likes having friends stop by, I would love to stop by some time. I’m not sure if that cheers him up, or takes energy out of him. Let me know.

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