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dec 9

Right after the surgery he no longer felt the tingly numbness feeling in his legs. They told him he would be in alot of pain for 2-3 days. One NP gave us a different impression but I think from the ablation…he will feel more pain. They literally burned the tumor out. They inserted a coil for height and added “cement” for support. The surgery started over an hour late and I was not told he would go into another recovery rooom before coming to the room they placed me in so after 2 hours I asked a nurse to check for me as I got zero updates on my phone. Abut 6pm that night, Mark gets a text. “the procedure is complete and the patient is in the recovery room”. I think their system needs some tweaking.

Yesterday started out fine but as the day went on he was in more and more pain but its not at his back. I suppose it could be FROM his back but thats not where he feels it. Its more in his abdomen and at the kidney. He had to go off Lenvima (chemo pill) for 4 days before becaue it can inhibit healing and we wonder if that has caused his kidney to stop producing urine and in turn, create alot of pain. We were told to report and drastic changes in urination and kidney pain to the urologist and the nephrologist. I went up to paint and stain at the house but after talking to Mark who wanted yet another dose of pain meds..I turned around and went home and spent an hour or so trying to call all his doctors. I’m sure his dialysis nurse hates me now. She is the only person I can contact directly and that I can talk to. I left messages with some voicemail at the urologist office, the nephrologist is on vacation, and the neurologist just expains again that he will be in pain. I feel like we know what is pain from the surgery and what is pain from the kidney and that something is wrong. We did finally get to speak to his oncologist and she told him to start the Lenvima back up today. I hope in a few days we see urination increase again or we will have to start taking fluid off again with the dialysis machine. Its a bummer thought because we felt he was making such great strides but just had this awful back pain and now we feel like we are back to August with side pain and toxins building up. He can taste them in his mouth and I can see water weight building on his hips and waist.

update already: urologist office called me and I talked to a triage nurse and she is going to have Dr Anema call us back today. We may have to go in and thats a bummer but if we have to we have to.

He is discouraged and feels like we took a huge step backwards. Lets all pray the pain is temporary and the setback is soley because he was off the medication and that in a few days the urination will pick back up…the pain will go way and since that back pain is gone…he will be able to enjoy the new house and Christmas. He just said to Cora… “I just wanted a good ol’ Griswald Christmas” (we attempted to watch that in bed last night. We both slept through it.) and he said “I just want to see the girls get married”. This makes Cora cry. I assured her that she doesn’t need to go out and find someone….but that we will arrange it for her:).

I’m going to slide out of these same clothes I have been in for days…wash my face and look presentable. As soon as I get him off the machine (which has gone well today) I have to go take our car to the car repair shop because when Cora took Hatcher to school this morning….some young man put his truck in reverse and full at speed, backed up toward his parking spot…but hit Cora on his way there despite her efforts to try to back up out of the way. Sigh. She feels bad but its not her fault.

Also our plumber (who is wonderful) cannot complete our house as hoped. He has his own house to finish for inspections and family to help and has to move himself…so I’m looking for a handyman who knows how to plumb but maybe isn’t actually a plumber. Or a plumber. Whatever. I need two showers and 2 sinks hooked up. The hard stuff is done. Message or call me if that is you. Don’t volunteer people unless you have talked to them. It’s a paid gig and needs to be done yesterday of course but by midweek would be nice (15th). Sigh again.

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  1. Dusty I’m so thankful to God for a successful surgery. Praying now for miracles. Praying for Mark to be pain free. Praying for you and Mark to be able to get some healing sleep. Praying for the fluid to not build up anymore and for his kidney to work again. Praying for you both to continue to trust that God can still do miracles and heal Mark. I love the Psalms It calms me. May the words help you and Mark. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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  2. My L2 is herniated and the pain for some reason is exactly the spot. My back dr said that’s just where it goes from the L2. Weird I know. You’re all in my prayers!🙏🏻❤️

  3. We are praying for you daily. It is so encouraging to see your continued faith in our wonderful savior who has you all wrapped in his big living arms. Hugs♥️♥️♥️♥️

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