November 2nd

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I need to go back to the Alma story.

I forgot the best part!

So Alma is obedient, comes over to pray. She told me Wed morning that she couldn’t stop thinking of Mark and that was his worst morning with his back. So then Friday he really didn’t do much because walking was becoming hard and he was in the chair alot. So she came over and she put her hand on his back and prayed with us. A while after she left Mark said, ” I don’t want to sound like a crazy person but my back feels better.”

The next day Mark got up and although is back always hurts…the massive pinching nerve pain was no longer there.

So call it what you want. I don’t think there are coincidences…even when I use the term. God plans everything. Does Alma have super powers given by God. No. (Well, I don’t think so anyways) but He commands her to do something and she obeys and He gets the glory! He can do it without her and without others….but how cool is it to involve us!?


Mark had a follow-up with Dr. DeJoung for his fistula and its healing well. He is pleased and we will go back in 4 weeks to see if it is usable and then hopefully start that training sooner than later but it has to be ready!

We followed that with an MRI for his back to make sure something funky is not going on in there and the chiropractor can look closely at it. The place we went to was really weird. Like the office building was nice but it was like a makeshift traveling MRI truck. Mark was like, “where are you taking me”. MRI black market??? It was fine. It was fast. Way faster than Mayo. I’m not sure what that says.

Mark made an observation today at the doctor’s office. Alot of these old guys come in…with walkers and canes and wheelchairs. They are all wearing gray sweatpants. He looks down at his own choice of clothing today. Yep. Gray sweatpants. Coming out of the MRI joint…here comes an unshaven, cane carrying, older man, with ….gray sweatpants. I decided then that we will no longer wear those in public. Comfy as they are. We aren’t. Not good for the soul. 🙂

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  1. Hey you guys have a good since of humor with all this excitement going on in your lives. Our God is good😁😁keeping you guys in my prayers🙏🏻🙏🏻🥰🥰🤗🤗

  2. The sweatpants cracked me up. It’s good to laugh; I think it’s healing to laugh. 😂
    I love that Alma was God’s hands. I believe in laying on of hands, but it’s not a common occurrence and shouldn’t be, I think anyway. 😍

    1. Post

      right and its not like she came over TO lay her hands on him…she just felt an urgency to come pray with us and then asked. She is such a gentle person.

  3. Get some black joggers – they are acceptable – and even cool. But what do I know, I’m 66! My wife is a little younger and she agrees with this.

    Jack Befus

  4. Dusty,
    Thanks for the regular (and not-so-regular) updates! I love how real you are when you write! I especially love the story of the Alma’s prayer today. One of the flight students shared what he is learning about being more faithful and diligent in prayer during SMAT devos today. It was encouraging and challenging all at the same time. I can assure you that we are praying daily for you and Mark!
    Funny observation about Mark’s wardrobe!

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