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Jan 26th

Mark sits back in Room 5 at Davita once again. The machine is humming…he is sleeping and every 30 mins a nurse comes in to take vitals. Its quiet and I’m paroozing the vacation options…perhaps I’m delusional and dreaming but after this upcoming month, it would be much needed. If we can’t go, we won’t but I can dream right?

So this is how it went. I was going to go down Monday night and stay the night with or without him in the hotel…wait for his appointments on Tuesday (or take him had he been released) and then we would come home. His dialysis appointment was at 4:30 and so we would get done about 8. We talked with staff and knew that they would not discharge him that late so I might as well stay home. So he was going to go to his appointment and then be released Tuesday afternoon. I left yesterday with that plan in mind and I only packed a few things I thought he might need or want on the way home. I ran a few errands on the way and left super early so I could check out Materials Unlimited in Yipsilanti. A dangerous stop when driving with a truck but one I thought I would enjoy while I wanted for Mark to get done. I also knew I would never go, just to go so…I was told to plan at least 2 hours and so I did. I was at my last stop in Grand Rapids, dropping off an amazon return (that is a busy UPS shop, mostly amazon returns too) when I was able to talk to someone from the Radiation Onocology side…they informed me that someone forgot to hold Mark’s bloodthinner and therefore he could not have the procedures he needed to plan for radiation. I was immediently upset. As expected. Someone dropped the ball and Mark’s life now has to shift around another week. Another trip to UofM and another week to wait to get radiation. Now don’t get all fired up reading this…I’ll do that for you. I don’t tell you this stuff for you can get outraged, I tell you to inform you. To give you details. SO….they were going to dialyze him and then I could take him home, however, they didnt’ know when they would get him down to dialysis. I had not brought anything for overnight and was afraid that if I went down there I might get stuck without things I might need. Mark and I talked about it and we decided I would go home and get an overnight bag and wait to hear about a time for dialysis. (ha! just of the phone with the nurse and she told me I do do a good job keeping track of his meds. This is why I need to be at the hospital with Mark…so the blood thinner gets held. Sorry I had to say it! Now watch, I major mess up. Pray for a clear brain) so anyways…back to the story. I left the 28th street UPS store, got an adjustment at the chiropractor and headed home. As soon, as I got home Mark called and told me that they were not going to do dialysis…and that I could come take him home. I was going to nap but instead I shoved soup in my mouth, grabbed a bag just in case and extra meds…filled out water bottles and put my feet back in my XtrTufs and got back in the truck, regassed up and headed to Ann Arbor.

I caught up on some Matt Walsh from the Daily Wire and listened to some songs Cora sent me and when I was done with that….I clicked on the CD button on the truck to see what was in there. I jammed to some old school Toby Mac and thought back to the days when my kids would blast the CD with the Long kids and “sing” to all the songs around the pool. They knew every word! I bet they still do.

I pulled up to UofM right at 4:20pm (after regassing so that I didn’t have to stop on the way home) and Mark was on his way down. The valet guy made me move so I pulled out and pulled back up right into the same spot (whatever) and then Mark was there. It was good to see him!! He looked tired but standing was so much easier for him then when I left him. We packed him up and I helped him into the truck (his left leg was fussy) and we were on our way. We drove straight back. We almost had to stop so he could stand up and do some stretching but he made it home. The kids were glad to see him and so was Bucky. Just being home made his appetite come back and he ate soup and some other bits of food and we all watched #3 of Bobba Fett and he went into a deep slumber in his chair. I did have to consult with my pharmacist friend to make sure the old meds they replaced with new ones with were ok to take because we got home the same time the pharmacy closed and honestly, we totally forgot!

We were up at-em this morning to get ready to roll. He slept pretty decent but some of our clocks are off at our house so he got up at 4:30 thinking it was 5:30 and stayed up. So he slept most of dialysis. He is just getting off as I type so I will close here…and we will get home to pick up meds and eat some lunch.

I’ll type more tonight.

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  1. So happy for you guys that he’s finally home. Now to pray for healing and less pain for him. Thanks so much for the updates. Helps me know what to pray forπŸ₯°πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

  2. Thanks for sharing your journey through this time in your life. You and Mark are in all my prayers and I keep in touch with your mom. I am so glad that you have the love and support of a wonderful family and so many precious friends, and especially your strong faith. I know personally how valuable all this is. May God continue to bless and strengthen you and your family.

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  3. PTL for all the good things that happen. So glad he made it home ok. He has you to watch over him and that is good. We all appreciate your updates Dusty and look forward to them. Now for Mark to feel good enough to continue sending us his updates and the word from God’s Bible. Keep healing Mark! We are all rooting for youπŸ€—

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