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April 26th

Our second episode came out. Its an interview with Cora and its priceless :). It went a little long but nothing that can’t be devoured in two driving sessions or two (or one) long walk. We have a third platform where you can listen to the podcast, Amazon Prime. (click on the blue and it will take you straight to..shoot I guess its red, not blue). Spotify, Buzzsprout, and amazon Prime are your options. We are hoping to consitantly release on late Sunday night or early Monday morning. 1x a week for right now is good. We truly do enjoy our basement podcast conversations together and I know its not for everyone but if you can take the time to journal or record conversations with loves ones, especially those that are growing old, you really need to. And if you already listened to #2, I wanted to open with “Jesus” Cora but I have to go find the photo. I thought it was on my phone. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you will as soon as you get through podcast #2. (that’s my second rhyme. I might try to do that all the time. hee hee)

Today is Felicity’s due date. Even though she did feel some contractions last night, we are not nearing labor yet. She does have an induction date on the books for May 5th and we plan to celebrate with tacos! I told her we can still celebrate with tacos even if she is not born on Cinco de Mayo but we can’t call her a taco baby. Felicity would really like to have the baby naturally and let her decide when to come out. I think the whole thing is a bit overwhelming for her (I know it is for me) and even though she seems pretty ready and laid back, we all know (if you are a mom) her world is about to get very different!! I ask that you pray for the labor and delivery and that I can be there without any setbacks and that the whole experience is memorable in all the good ways. Also pray for her in this next venture. I pray for the people who have yet to come into her life. That they are Godly and that she will desire that. I’d love to see her life go in a positive direction and that this will really open her eyes to her worth and that her environment does matter. The people in her life do influence her. Yes, the worry mom in me is emerging more and more. I feel like our relationship is good though and I try not to “mother” her.

Today is also CVC removal day. It’s weird. When you don’t have that to fall back on you HAVE to use the fistula. Its very real now. Today I was determined to cannulate both needles in the fistula. The top one has given me issues and isn’t as easy as the bottom so I came in today determined to do it right. The bottom one gave me trouble but the top one was much easier. I did it! Don’t ever say you can’t do soemthign your will “will never” do something. I am learning things I didn’t even know existed and even though I don’t want to…I am. I mean, it’s not fun and I never thougth I would have to or need to. Its interesting for sure but 1 year ago I knew barely anything about dialysis and I have never inserted a needle into someone’s vein or artery. So at 2pm today we go into the surgical center and they will take it out. After it heals, he will be able to bath, shower and hot tub at his leisure. Time to drain that hot tub, clean and refill with fresh water! If only spring would really come… and stay!

Sunday I co-hosted a bridal shower for Abby at my house with Karson’s stepmom. I figured by the end of April, the weather would be nice enough that if my little house didn’t hold everyone well then they could spill into the back deck or front porch. But no. It had to rain. We did do some makeshift seating on the covered porch but we just all kind of squeezed into the little house and it was really nice actually. The food was great. I met a couple new people and I feel like it went really well. After that we interviewed Abby and Karson on their relationship and the upcoming wedding although we didn’t talk too much about the wedding itself. There is some good stuff in there, especially for young people entering into relationships. A little bit about redemption……and other stuff. It will be good.

Last night (Monday) was the Senior Award night and we were able to haul Mark’s seat cusion to the gymnasium and watch the presentation. I sat behind Mark to be his makeshift seatback and he was comfortable enough. It felt good to be a part of what was happening…we have just been in our own medical world and not been able to get out much. Aly is a valedictorian (I had to look up the spelling. I was NOT ours in my high school…but I am resourceful and can find my way. Thanks google) for her class which is such a great accomplishment and we are proud of her. She will speak at her graduation with 2 other girls. She also received some other scholastic/athletic awards and a scholarship. Chipping away at tuition one chunk of money at a time. It was also nice to just see faces I would normally just see at sporting events and school events but since I’ve not been there…I’ve not seen them.

This week we look forward to two track meets. Friday night is the big invitational on the new track and like 20 teams are coming! We plan to attend…even if that means some breaks in the car to warm up or lay back (for Mark not me. Well, maybe me too!). Hatcher’s birthday was last week and Aly’s 18th is Thursday!! We plan to have a small family gathering on Sunday to celebrate. We will try to summon the sun and warm weather again. If you see me prancing in circles with a headdress in my lawn like a biblical idolatrous figure…you know why. You can stone me later. Use pebbles please and bring my eyewear. I’m just kidding…I will be sacrificing my youngest…at his party. I know, it’s not even funny. Let’s just pray for some consistant sunshine for our mental status and for blossoms and green grass. Sunday is podcast day….so it will be one of the kids. The other possible event is a birth but that one is harder to plan out. Then its May!! Crunch time to wedding.

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  2. Thank you for sharing. I always love reading your posts. Helps to know what I need to pray for. Love you guysπŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ€—πŸ€—.

  3. So glad to hear that the CVC removal milestone was accomplished.
    Congratulations Aly! What an honor to become valedictorian!
    The podcast is incredible and look forward to listening to more. Thank you!
    Love and continued prayers.

  4. You, Lindsey family, are such a blessing. I know your podcasts bless you, but they are also such an encouragement to us who listen. It is great getting to know your wonderful family better. Cora’s enthusiasm is incredible. Thanks again for sharing! ❀️

  5. Wanted to comment on the recent Podcast with Cora. Loved getting to know your family, helps me pray specially for you all. Long time friend of the McComb family. Looking forward to more!!

    I will continue praying for physical and emotional strength , discernment and an intentional clinging to our Savior through it all. Our life is ever changing, but Hallelujah we serve a steadfast God, the same yesterday and today and forever!!

    And now I will pray for Cora and her adventures at Moody!!

    Because of Jesus
    Becky Nicholas

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