A little Goes a Long Way

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My husband is currently in surgery..to remove blood that clotted behind his lung…from a intercostal artery bleed….from a small tube taken out of his chest cavity…that was put in to relieve a small amount of air in his upper thoracic….from a small hole in his lung…from being kicked in the chest….playing soccer….with his high school daughters.

At 42 years old, we were running around the soccer field with high school kids…holding our own.  Maybe we were genetically blessed.  Maybe were are lucky.  I think our ability to move and be active is directly related to our desire to move and play.  We take the time to do the things we love, even in the midst of craziness, work, and raising families.  I have as strong desire to be healthy, feel good and stay in good shape.  I like being able to run and play and lead.  I like not having to rely on other people and being able to do things myself.  I like to move quickly and get alot done.  I like energy.  I like to be around it and produce it.  Mark is kind of the same way and hopefully we are raising our kids to know and understand the important of fueling their bodies and  moving it.  I want them to know that loafing around is okay sometimes but we were meant to produce!!  Put forth energy to make something happen (think farmers)

The doctors keep calling Mark young and healthy and I truly believe he will recover from this swiftly BECAUSE he is active and healthy and not necessarily because he is young. I’ve seen alot of 40 year olds that are not in good shape or healthy.  It’s his active lifestyle that put him here in the first place but it will also bring him out sooner.

Life brings stuff…it can either slam us…or slow us down.  I’d rather be slowed down….as hard as it is.  I know that choosing veggies over dessert time after time…water over soda….evening walks over TV- pay off.  I know that late nights and bad habits (smoking and such) are not for me.  Now, don’t me wrong..I indulge in licorice…kettle chips…coffee….movies…and a glass of wine. I also indulge in probiotics…superfoods…weights, yoga, and cardio…MORE often.

Let me give you some tips:

-Start your morning with quiet time to gather yourself and figure out what NEEDS to be done and center yourself to be able to handle it and really be able to slay the day.

*Look at your calendar and mark something OFF if you can!

-If you are a coffee drinker, start with water while it perks…and try some different creamers if you like that stuff.  There are many non-diary options with better ingredients.

-Eat breakfast.  Make it easy if you need to.  Premade eggs “muffins”, overnight oats, or Shakeology.

-Even 5 minutes of HIIT or a short walk can be so beneficial for you.  Find something you LOVE to do.  You don’t have to sweat yourself to death to get healthier.

-Start changing your food up by adding more veggies to every meal and start your meal by drinking water first.

-Exchange one drink (juice, milk, soda) for 2 glasses of water.

-End your day by reading, thinking, or just being still.  Having a screen in front of your face is a horrible way to go to sleep.

Want more?  I can give you a much more specific plan to move forward if you are already doing the things above and want more.  Do NOT wait…start today. click here to contact me.

Take control now.  It’s never too late.  Decide what is important and work towards it.




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