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cuz we needed one!

November 15th

** We left the hospital at 1/1:30 Saturday and headed home. Mark felt pretty good. Some friends came over with food and conversation and that was good for the soul. That morning, while Mark was in dialysis, I ran home to clean and my friend and a portion of her family joined me so we got the house vacuumed, half the basement loaded into the trailer and a large piece of furniture unpacked and brought downstairs. Also, I had canned goods from 2009….we dumped those and cleaned the jars. She brought all my canning stuff to my moms for me. :). It was productive and I”m so glad we cleaned up because I did not know company was coming (in my kids defense, they did do dishes, clean up and wash/wipe counterops before they left for retreat)

** Also alot people keep asking about our house. We had 2 full price offer the first weekend we listed. We close Wednesday and can move on from there.

** Sunday was dialysis at home, church, and my brother came over while we waited for kids to return from retreat. That was really nice actually. I thought we would leave by 3 for UofM…but it was close to 4. Reality. Mark played Christmas music from our Amazon Prime account most of the way there. I tried to embrace it all. I mean, it was snowing. If you know me….winter is my least favorite. I only like it on Christmas morning, New Years and when I want to ski. That’s it.

We got to our hotel and I ordered food and then went to get pick it up. The food wasn’t ready. I waited an extra 15-20 mins than whatI was told. The resturant was .6 miles from the hotel and when I got back I realized they forgot ketchup so I went to the lobby. When I got off the elevator, there was Mark, in his slippers, slophing down the hall…with his food. It as overcooked and cold. So I went BACK to the lobby to warm it up (which I should not have had to do) and I was also ticked that the fries were nill. (Not that he needs fries or should be eating them but if you are going to eat them…they should be awesome!) I got back up to the room and realized they did not give me a fork for my salad. I went BACK to the lobby and holding back tears I asked for a fork. I know it sounds stupid but I was so mad at this point. Mad that the food was crap. Mad that I was making food great for Mark yet mind continued to get cold in its box. Mad that Mark asks for coke on top of all of this and all I want is for him to get better. I was just mad. I didn’t even want my food anymore. Studid emotional women. 🙂 Any hoo, we survived.

Monday (today) 7am labs, 7:30 doctor visit (Nurse practicioner) and we loved her! She was great. Labs looked good!! Creatinine level was back down to 2.7, hemoglobin was 10.6! Everything looked good. She answered our questions and helped out greatly. I was very comfortable with her.

Immunotherapy at 10. Maggie was our nurse and she was great too. Funny and go with the flo. (Lots of beeps on the machine) They had to use a vein in his hand because he had been poked so much lately.

Then lunch at the cafe…which was almost a repeat of the night before but we both ate and no one cried (by no one, I mean me)

We found a lounge area to charge our phone and to blog but I could not get connected ( despite the fact that I had wifi, which is frustrating) so I read a book. And by read, I mean look at words and daydream about something totally different.

Lastly, we went to ultrasound and and that was super fast. By 1:33 we bolted out of there and headed home.

We were walking down the hall after…Mark grabbed my hand…and we talked about how we feel like we are walking in “bizzaro world”. The our world is full of doctors, hospitals, appointments etc….we have kids but they are on the outside of this world. It’s weird. Again it kind of hits us …”how is this happening to us?

A quick stop at Horrocks to get Lobster Bisque and for Mark to show me this market he often would get lunch at (in GR, we were in Lansing area). It’s like a Nelson’s F arm Market on steroids but it carries all the Trader Joe and Whole food stuff too. Maybe like a Kingmans too? Not Klingman furniture…Kingmans on Plainfield (I might be saying it wrong) Anyways, it was cool. Farm market meets, a floral store, meets trader joes. Hows that?

One last stop at Great Lakes Nuerosurgeon Associates and Mark has a brace!!! Just like that. Huge shout out to my brace fairy friend who read/saw/heard the need, contaced me, took my insurance, obtained the MRI images and notes and made it happen!!! Easiest appointment ever!!.

We got home and loaded up the truck with some chairs and tools and went to the newaygo house to look at the floor and unload a few things. Every trip counts. We argued a bit…cuz we do sometimes…and we got the outdoor cushions in (sopping wet!!) and like 8 packages I had on the porch into the garage!! Its a good thing we stopped.

Drywall gets delivered tomorrow, gets hung Wednesday. Floor gets finished Tuesday, trim Wednesday. I am responsible for backsplach and poly on sills etc…but its coming along. Some plumbing on Tuesday before drywall. I just need like a few nights of total peace and quiet to get some stuff done. I think we will make it. We close on our house on Wednesday.

Looks like we missed November too.

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  1. So grateful for a relatively good day, (praying for more of those), for the delivered back brace, and for the many wonderful “fairies “ in your life! ❤️

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