“Mom, you missed them”

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I said to Hatcher on the way to school today…”so you never have homework. Will I go to parent-teacher conference and find out you are failing or something?”

Hatcher: mom, you missed parent-teacher conferences.


I came home and my friend was dropping a gift off from another friend. We had texted earlier and she said she would get cream cheese for me. She asked me what I needed….I started to cry.

I made pumpkin rolls for Cora. I packed a few boxes. I got my live edge wood for my house. Karson and I grabbed a quick late lunch too and it was good to talk wedding and such. I selected a sofa from the furniture store in Newaygo..but I’m not sure “it’s the one”.

We are on our second movie. Thats Friday night folks.


November 22

Just a quick update to go out. Nothing frilly or fancy.

Mark continues to have deep aching dibilitating pain down his leg. He uses pain meds, ice, heat and whatever to help. He tries to walk a little in hopes movement will help. It comes and goes but mostly comes.

No major machine issues. Thank the Lord. We are waiting to hear what his last blood draw was. (hemoglobin wise)

We have an appointment on Monday to have vertebroplasty on his vertebre (the cement). I really hope this relieves some pain.

We have an appointment tomorrow with the functional medicine doctor and hopefully he will kind of pull everything together including nutrition. Mark loses weight daily. Despite the fact that he hardly burns calories and eats 3 meals full of fat, protein and calories!!! I ordered another different protein drink in hopes he will like the taste enough to drink one or two a day.

Cora is home. I was able to go down to Chicago with the Weeks on Saturday and catch a Wheaton game and bring her home early. Its nice to have her home.

Me and the kids will run our annual Sparta Turkey Trot. I’m excited for that.

The house in Newaygo keeps falling behind. Workers can’t get there when they say…they get busy and fall behind. (understandably) Then things happen here and I can’t get up there. Then my free help gets sick….Its life. You really can’t set a timeline…it never works 🙂 I’m so thankful….I don’t want to sound unthankful, I’m not. I’m just nervous. So I can’t move it in until the place is done and clean due to the dialysis machine. This, in itself, makes me anxious. I guess, more anxious…because I’m always anxious.

It will work out. It always works out. I just might need to be knocked out for it to happen 🙂

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  1. Have you tried Fairlife protein shakes ? They come in, chocolate, salted caramel and vanilla. 30 grams of protein in 11.5 oz bottle. They sell them at Sam’s club.

    1. Post

      No I have not. I can look next time I’m there. I always look at sugar/sugar substitute content and any yucky fillers as well. I’ve not heard of this. I”ll investigate. Thanks

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