The Results are in!! 80 Day Obsession Journey

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I can do it…maybe not…no I can…I don’t know.

80 days of uncertainty, trials, doubts and fears still gave me results.

When I heard the name of the new program..I was disappointed a bit.  I mean, I get it but I didn’t.  It just didn’t resonate with me.  After so much time talking to my challengers, my kids and myself about NOT obsessing over food, weight loss or anything materialistic…I hated saying “I’m doing 80 Day Obsession”.  It just sounded…obsessed to me.  And I didn’t want to sound like that…BUT….

Maybe I’m compromising my values or maybe I don’t think those convictions are really substantial but either way I knew I liked what the program was going to offer—-a better booty and a tighter tummy—-so I wanted to do it!

There was actually a short period, pre launch, that I thought that I would not do the program.  But then I also realized that it’s hard to lead by example, if I’m not doing it!  So I came to the conclusion that I would…and it started off great!


Then week 3 came and I was like, whoa…this is so much work!!  Not the workouts, the food prep!  She asks you to follow a plan called Timed Nutrition.  I know professionals put this together and test groups are formed and tested.  They know what they are doing and if you want the results they say you can have, then you need to DO THE PROGRAM.  Not some of it, or part of it, or sometimes….You have to do all the program all the time.  Otherwise, you can’t really say you didn’t get results, because really you didn’t do it.  I struggled with this!!

I’m just being honest.  I know I’m suppose to say this is all awesome and you can do it. The end.  But its not like that.

Eating all the food and on a timed nutrition plan…felt like a part time job and I was not doing well.  By week three I felt bloated and heavy and disappointed.  So I evaluated the situation.  I was using Recover.  It has whey.  Okay, I’ll stop using that.  I was also eating alot of meat and I just don’t like to.  So I’m not going to.  See, like is too short to stress over your workout for the hopes of having a possible six pack you’ll never be able to sustain if you veer from what you are doing. So I went against Autumns advice and I ate more container style (see color coded container in 21 Day Fix) making sure I had enough calories.  It seemed to work better for me.

I was also doing these workouts (and they are intense) while teaching fitness and I was exhausted.  I then again spent some time thinking about what is important to me.  I decided I’d do the workouts for sure on my off days and then if I’m tired, I’ll do part of the workout and be okay with that.  I never skipped booty though. I wanted a better booty 🙂  The last phase was pretty tight. I seemed to have pulled myself together enough to finish strong. I mean, I remember saying I was going to finish and be there at the end and I DID want that.  And I did.  I made it.  I was unsure as to what my results would look like though since I hadn’t really followed the plan.

These are my results and my thoughts.  (and a quick video with mark in our old farmhouse basement workout space)

I felt stronger…especially in my abs.  Bonus.  I could feel them when I did the workouts…and I experienced ab muscle cramps for the first time in my life.  Not good, but still exciting at the same time.  I do think, if you check out the back of MY left leg, that my booty did tighten and lift.  It’s minimal but I workout ALOT and I’ve never seen a difference in my before and afters til now.  So that’s major exciting!!  I also thought my tummy looked tighter and even my back looked more lean.

Not gonna lie.  I was glad to be done with the bands and the longer workouts…but I didn’t want to lose what I gained so I am sticking to my booty and leg workouts and holding tight til LIIFT4 comes out.  Weights, with HIITs in 40 minutes or less, 4 days a week…is more my style and will allow my rest time along with my classes I teach.  (I think its gonna be awesome)  What am I talking about?  click here and read all about it.

There is a sneak peek on the 4th of June(B4 LIIFT4) and you are more than welcome to join me. Go to “Contact Dusty” and send me a quick message and I”ll get you a link or go ahead and do it now HERE and choose the 3 month/quarterly option!! (you get 14 days free to try it out)

So do I recommend it?  Yes, but it depends on you and your lifestyle and what you want.  For me, I’ll use the videos and sprinkle them into my life as I see needed.


***disclaimer***  If you do this program every day as instructed and eat from the time nutrition plan you WILL see results.  I got results and didn’t follow it.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t do it…you should!!!  This was just my own journey and thought on ONE program I’ve done.  I’ve done almost all of them!!

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