Two bucks..2 cats

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september 6th

We were the only ones up in the neighborhood early Labor Day morning. As others slept in, we started the drive to dialysis on the Beltline. Coasting down Fruitridge, the early sun lit up a thin layer of fog hanging over a soybean field. Emerging from it were two bucks…deciding when they should cross over to the corn. We slowed down and watched them. Neither of us were in a hurry.

The drive in was peaceful and fast as the streets were empty that morning. Dialysis was uneventful and Mark slept through almost all of it.

We hurried home to a see off a frantic Cora who was trying to gather all of her belongings in order to meet up with a friend that was going to take her back to college. It was so nice to see her but the weekend went too fast and we couldn’t just concentrate on spending time with her or doing things together. It was just very different. Learning the new normal..will be hard for this on-your-feet-lets-do-something-fun family. It can only get better right?

We continue to be blessed each day by pasta for our runners, snacks for the kids, flowers, cards and money. I just did not expect this. I guess I didn’t expect Mark to ever be this sick either. So many people have been so kind. I was able to find an on-call doctor that would get Mark a new script for his pain med so that he could have enough to ride over to Mayo, endure dialysis, and see and doctor. This also meant I had to get to Meijer before 2pm. Since I was there I thought I would grab a few things needed at home but that was painful. Meijer is too big and it takes too long to get a “few things”. I think I’ll try to online ordering and pick up next time.

Mark continues to be bombarded with bad dreams at night and sleeps in fits with horrible back pain. He talks in his sleep and I wonder what he is seeing or hearing. I try to pray that Satan would stay away. It makes me think of the War Room movie (or was it a different one with the same lady?) where she stands on her porch and tells Satan he is not welcome here and to get back!

Just as we were starting to sleep, I heard terrible cat fighting noises outside my window and I quickly got up to see who was hurting my Cow. (if you know Cow, he is a very gentle, lazy, cuddly cat who lives at my house and I don’t want him beat up) Mark asked if I wanted the gun. Um, no. I’lll just shoo them away. When I got outside it was the most horrendous sound I have ever heard coming out of a cat! Aly and Hatcher joined me with flashlights and went over to see what was happening. As it turns out…Cow was dominating a cat fight IN THE TREE!. The kids shooed that cat off (witha an old metal gutter downspout I was throwing out)and it jumped over 10ft down to the ground and ran off. Then Cow also jumped that huge height down to the ground and as we tried to call him in, he rushed off after the cat. I guess he is not as gentle as I thought. We went inside, shut off the lights and went to bed. Cow was on the porch to greet me good morning. No wonder he sleeps all day. He “plays” hard.

Tuesday we go to Mayo and I’m a little nervous.