The Road to Tidiness Part 1

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Oh brother…if it says part one does that mean there are many parts?  Yep, because life consists of day after day, trying to make life better, easier and more efficient.  It’s never ending!  It never ends…well until you die.  I’m so looking forward to the perfection of organization in Heaven.

So I think it started when I was very young.  A desire to have things clean and organized.  However, even as a young girl I was not good at it nor did I possess the skills needed to KEEP things in a tidy manner.  My mom brought home a book one day (hint hint right?) that was titled, How to Clean Your Room.  So I opened that baby up and followed it step by step.  See, I am trainable!!  I can follow steps and do it well!!  I emptied ALL the contents from my floor into a large pile in the center of the floor and put them away one by one.  And even then, I could stand back after all was straightened, put away, made and hung…and smile and have a sense that there was some control in the world at that moment. And then by the next day it all went to pot.

I’ve learned a few things since then.  I don’t pile it up anymore and I don’t put it all away.  I throw stuff, I ditch it, I give it away and I donate.  I try not to wait until its so bad that I have to spend an entire day cleaning it.  I do a room at a time or a drawer at a time…whatever the clock and the schedule allows that day.

Something is still missing though.  Desperately missing.  I feel it is time to call in the professionals.  I posted about wanted an Organizing Nazi (yes, I said that word again) and I think I found one.

I need to figure out why it all falls apart…all time and HOW to keep it all contained and in a manner we can all function and find things when we need them.  How much time do I waste looking for stuff!!!????? I am not the only one.  In fact, my husband kept silently blaming me for his missing Leatherman and cannot find it anywhere.  In his defense, I do use it on occasion and in my defense, none of us put things back when we are done.  I found that Leatherman.  In his desk drawer, in the office.  You know…where you need tools.  (SIGH). Mystery solved but this system doesn’t work!  I made sure I snapped  a pic and sent it to him while he was on a fishing trip.  “NOT MY FAULT BABYCAKES!!”

So…part one is embarking.  The realization and the action taking place to make change.  She says its the infrastructure we need to look at first.  That, weirdly, excites me because it answers the WHY!  I like to find out why.

I will for sure keep you updated and give you’ll the tips as I learn them.

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