September 11

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I’m still here.

There may not be alot happening, or not as much progression as we would like but we are still here and so I’ll continue to keep you all updated.

We arrived in Grand Rapids just after 2pm. We were flown in a King Air (dual prop) by 2 pilots Mark knows and it was all arranged by his cousin and we are super thankful, once again, to be flown home versus flying and to fly so quickly in a private plane was such a blessing.

Also is just occured to me it’s the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

Our local chiropractor was willing to meet up at his office on his day off and so we went there right away with hope that he could relieve some of the pain mark was feeling in his back. He ensured us it was not like a slipped or buldging disc and so he could adjust him accordingly. We went home with ice packs and he did have some relief but we know its never a “one and done” and so we will be continuing chiropractic work as much as we can but it’s hard to do that with daily dialysis. And by that I mean, it’s hard to fit more into your day when the that one appointment is so exhausting.

I don’t think Mark slept will take a while to get that pain out of there even if we keep on top of it. He told me to go to the cross country meet. To get out of the house and go watch the kids. It made me nervous but I did. It was a beautiful day to be out and one of Mark’s old friends stopped by so he wasn’t by himself all day. Right now..he is getting a massage and I hope that, paired with the adjustment will get him close to feeling better. One of the other main sources of pain is his abdomen. He hadnt’ been eating because it’s like it goes nowhere and only causes bloating and even sharp pain. The doctor said he isn’t eliminating because he isn’t eating and that he need sto eat (I believe I told you guys this). He has been trying to eat more but after three days of that…he is in more pain again in the abdomen. Its like a catch 22.

So fun story time: I had a friend tell me that she had to get a new banker for their business and as it turns out she is a believer and a prayer warrior and my friend told her about Mark. She prays for Mark and even asks for updates. I think its funny how there are people that have never met Mark and pray for him. My friends banker.

And I know that you are dying to know…The invite today was run by grade. Aly won the Senior girls race and Hatcher also medaled and took a large chunk of time off from his PR (personal record). And the cherry on top today was that I ran into my friend from college whose kids also run and were there. She looks the same so I knew it was her right away! I screamed with delight! What a pleasant sight for me, taking me way back in time, but so wonderful that all this time can pass and we can embrace like we never left each other. I didn’t love college…so the few friendships I had there were the very best part!

Stay tuned.