Rochester MN

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September 7th

Tuesday morning we finished packing and headed to Grand Rapids to fly to Rochester (you may have seen the FB stories). Because Mark is a corporate pilot and has “connections” in the local aviation world….we were able to fly the Lear Jet over to our destination. This is a big deal. Mark is always telling me how much it costs to pull a plane like this out, fuel it, pay 2 pilots to fly it and to maintain it. It would blow your mind! That is why us regular folks do not own planes like this…or planes at all! The airplane time, pilot time, and the fuel was all DONATED. What could have been a 10 hour drive (my car is also in the shop) or a half day airline flight was a 51 mins flight!! It’s unbelievable. I looked over at Mark and he said…”it’s the only way to fly”. :). Praise the Lord for this transportation. We arent’ even worried about how we get back. We will cross that bridge when we get there.

Rochester is weird. It’s totally a medical campus. You either work here for Mayo or in the Mayo world, for a local hotel or you are a patient or with a patient. You don’t come here to site see. (thats my observation). All the resturants or shops are hidden inside buildings. Its like just blocks of buildings. Some have beautiful architecture but most are post 1970’s and are blah. There are some nice parks and grassy sitting areas to stop and sit or eat. I’m on the hunt for a grocery store that will deliver so I can get Mark some dense nutrition that isn’t laden with sugar!! (“drink some boost or ensure”-please no one speak this to me again 🙂 )

On Tuesday (the 7th) we checked in at the dailysis center (Eisenburg Building) and met with a dialysis specialist and she was great. He then went to dialysis and I went back to the hotel. (we are .4 miles from most buildings or less). I thought I would go for a nice long walk but instead I layed down and fell asleep hard for over an hour and woke in a panic. I did walk around a bit before meeting back up with Mark. He was able to eat some food last night but still isn’t putting in many calories. He didn’t sleep well again. It’s like a whole different ball game at night.

September 8

We met with the Urology Department and the PA went over scans with us and explained them all to us. He asked questions and answered ours. The doctor we were suppose to see was running behind but when the PA left they had a meeting and then Dr. Boorjian met with us to discuss the next step. This what we learned from out meeting this morning:

-The second biopsy that was ordered at Spectrum of the lymph node did come back cancerous (remember the first was inconclusive of the lymph node). We did not know this. This seems to confirm that the kidney has cancer and it has spread to the lymph node. I would say this is not “good” news but its news. If it has spread, which it has, that means it could have spread elsewhere. Cancer spreads 3 ways: local (tumor), lymphatically, and through the blood and because there is what seems to be a tumor thrombus in the main vein they want to really look at that.

-The kidney has a tumor in the middle of it.

-They will review all the pathology there with their own labs

-Their approach is similar as Spectrum and surgery is not the first approach. They would most likely start systemically (chemotherapy etc)

-the thrombus will help indicate what type of cancer specifically (MRI will see that better)

-when looking at surgery he said the IVC is affected and the main artery may be as well….so if and when they did surgery it COULD (I didn’t say WILL) involve reconstruction of one or both which seems scary to me. Of course, if they did surgery they would remove the kidney. There wasn’t much talk of saving it. HOWEVER, we are not at that point right now. The first approach is systemic, like I said.

He is resting now and will have an MRI tonight. We meet with Oncology tomorrow morning.

As soon as we got back to the hotel from his appointment, I looked at his file and they added 2 labs. So we had to walk back to another building for that. They work effeciently here that is for sure. I just wish we had known and not had to walk the extra but Mark says he feels good and up for the walking and so I’m sure it was good for him.

This cancer steals any nutrition he eats so we need to get him eating so pray his digestive system will allow this without post eating pain.

Read 1 Peter. I have been. I liked this passage today (among many) 1:13-16 “Therefore, prepare your minds for action; be self-conrolled; set your hope fully on the grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed. As obedient chidren, do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance. But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written: “be holy, because I am holy” “