On the 21st Day of Christmas…

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I got a seized dog.

Good Morning! I really should be getting on those shorts and shoes and getting that workout in. I’ve been slowly getting back into lifting and working out…and let me tell you, its hard! I’ve lost so much core strength and mobility even. Its discouraging for sure but I’m not going to let that stop me and I’m not going to settle for…well you are almost 50. I don’t believe it that crap.

So I’m taking a moment to have my coffee…with you. I was deciding which thoughts to vomit on you when I found myself irritated with my dog who decided to sit under my legs between my feet and he was like, clawing at me…and then I realized he was having a seizure. Now I’m just telling you this…I’m not asking for dog advice..Ok? Okay. After we started using oral prescribed flea meds from the vet…he started have having seizures. Like one a year..possibly two. This one seemed to last longer. I just hold him gently so he doesn’t try to walk off and fall down the stairs or into something. Its sad. After the fact I looked into the meds and sure enough there is a seizure warning. (it was after I switched. The first one was fine…they switched them on me and I was unaware). So my fuzzy holidays feelings are all gone. I was feeling it a bit…with my pathetic star lights on my tree and all. The one thing I hate the most is the dirty dishes in the sink at night…because they are there in the morning greeting me and they are ugly. I’m trying to be the person who doesn’t go to bed with dishes in her sink but I also want to like life a little so I choose this…or a craft while watching TV, or I just go to bed. Choosing your battles is hard. And we can’t be led by our feelings anyways.

So in my car I was listening to Christmas music and I found this group called Vitamin String Quartet! Ask Alexa or Spotify or whatever to play their Christmas music for you. I especially loved Mistletoe.

I ordered myself a new swimsuit so I could start doing early morning swim…I got the suit yesterday. The open swim hours end in 20 mins. I’m not totally thrilled about it yet, can you tell. On the other hand I lost my pickleball paddle! The only conclusion is that someone reached into my car and took it… although I normally lock my car….or it fell out when I opened the door. Either way, I’m sad about it. It was a good one and it wasn’t cheap.

Cora reads the newspaper now. The Tribune. She’s like an old man in the park. She also might fall asleep after reading it…

Aly is going to go to Thailand on a mission trip through school and her major (social work) and she will be fundraising very soon!

Hatcher smashed his finger on Thanksgiving and was unable to play downtown at the Christmas walk. He was major bummed.

Do you guys do stockings? I thought once my kids got older they wouldn’t care but they do! I think there is more pressure on the dumb sock! I could spend another $30-50 on stupid stuff just to fill the sock. I refuse.

Okay, you can’t keep me any longer. I’m going to go workout. I have a long list today including changing my health insurance. I’m so excited.

Find joy today. Keep your eye on the prize, the big picture. Look past the dishes and the dog and that list (but don’t ignore the list) and make sure your motives are good and pure and that your actions make sense….and that you are working toward the correct goal. Gosh, I just lectured myself. I feel convicted. I’ll work that out today.

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