Now that its quiet…

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I don’t know what I wanted to type!

Yesterday a flood of people came around us and helped out so much. It really is incredible and even though you know these people will do this..I’m still surprised. Why us?

Once the kids got off to church and I was able to help Mark get cleaned up and get into some fresh clothes….I finally showered. I’m sure all in my house are thankful. We (mark and I) watched church together from our living room. The message was good and it was clear. This is NOT our home. Jesus loves people (more than pigs…if that doesn’t make sense go catch the sermon on youtube or refer to Matthew 8:28) and we aren’t here to accept Christ and then just live for ourselves. We must always remember what and who HE died for and live accordingly. I know we are asking (as many of you have or will) why us? Why Mark? But I don’t have an answer. I just know though, that God can be glorified through all of this.

When we go to sleep at night…I listen to him breathe…and softly moan as he falls asleep. He says “mmm..hmmm” alot outloud as he falls asleep. Like he is answering or talking to someone. I imagine God is reassuring him or talking to him and he is responding. I want to lay my hand on his chest and pray over him but the words don’t come out. Instead I pray silently. As long as he is slightly snoring I can sleep well…because I know he is breathing. It’s like when you bring that new baby home and you are always watching their chest. You get scared something will happen and you won’t know. Maybe that sounds silly or overbearing but since I just don’t know what is happening inside his body…I feel very helpless.

I have started preparing for our trip…trying to get scripts refilled and lined up over a holiday weekend is almost impossible. I have a 4 hour window to get pain meds tomorrow so he can have a comfortable flight Tuesday. I think it will workout though. Tomorrow he goes to dialysis first thing and then we will hopefully spend a little down time together before Cora gets carted back to Moody. It was so short and there were no fun events to be had but its been nice listening to the kids just be together. I miss her when she is gone. Pray for the Moody students as Illinois put mandates on all college students to mask and to be injected. It has caused some students to leave and of course, like everywhere, caused division between students. Many are asking for exception and they were told it would be accepted. It would be great if they could make it through the whole first sememster without having to go virtual or close down.

I will continue to update you all as the week goes on. I nothing to update at this point though and I have no answers. We continue to trust in our Lord Jesus as He knows us inside and out and He has a plan for all of us. We know that we all have to walk through low valleys some times in our lives. I’m glad though that Mark never has to walk alone. If someone doesn’t know Jesus…they have no hope and when they die and leave this world their eternity will be awful. When you know have hope and peace and perfect eternity.