Matrimony and Coincidence

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December 11.

7 months exactly.

Last night we got in about 10:20pm and even though I had no business pouring a glass of wine…I did. I sipped on that as I cleaned up the tornado left behind when getting ready last minute for the wedding. Three ladies, a young man and a baby can leave quite disaster behind with little effort. (honestly…it was just the three girls who made messes) The counter top held scattered false nails and glue, crumbs, half drank glasses of water and other misc items. I made an attempt to clean it all up in order to NOT wake to total chaos. I also needed some wind down time before I went to bed, even though I’m sure I could have laid my head down and been out in 2 seconds. Guess what? I took zero photos last night. None.

I finally sat down on sofa with my laptop, right next to the nailgun that I never got to use because once I finally got it back inside to nail down some of the sills I missed LAST YEAR, I realized it needed a nail refill. Its been sitting on my sofa for three days. I started typing away on my computer with two missing fingernails and the ones I still had on…were too long to type with! I thought I’d either write to you or christmas shop. I have less than 2 weeks!! I searched all over the world wide web for something Aly specifically wanted…only to come up empty handed. Now what do I do??? Still in search for another item as well, I’m running out of time.


I’ve been friend with Theresa since kindergarten. We sat at the same table in Mrs Wiedenfeller’s class. I taught her to draw birds in the sky. We went to school together our whole life. We earned Girl Scout badges together, went to camp together and played all the sports together. I’ve had countless sleepovers with her and too many other memories to mention (and some I don’t want to. We weren’t always following the Lord) Last night we went to the wedding of the her third daughter. Its odd to watch your daughters friends get married as if that could be your daughter up there. She sang to her groom!! It was so sweet! The wedding wasn’t hard for me to sit through really….I mean, I wasn’t thinking about myself but there were some moments…that twanged my heart. The daddy daughter dance was where it got me. Lydia is close to her parents and when she danced with her dad, she lost it…and so did he. They hugged tight as they danced and she was having to let go…she was leaving and cleaving and thats hard when you have an awesome set a parents that you will no longer be coming home to. Her sisters were standing behind me sobbing. Naturally, it is touching and you shed tears but then I looked at my daughters…and then I started to think about myself….and I realized they will never have a daddy daughter dance. Its heart wrenching and the single tears turned to held back sobs….with no napkin in site to wipe them away. It was just sad. They were touched by Lydia and Ken but they were thinking what I was thinking because their tears matched mine. You can’t even type it without crying.

Guests left pretty early so we were one of the last and we got to throw fake snow and send them off. On the way home….we talked about dating and relatonships and there was some discrepency in the car and some angst but overall good conversation. I love that Pastor Chris emphasized what a Godly relationship looks like and we should be more bold to keep traditional marriage alive as it is the only way marriage was meant to be. And if you read my blog a couple weeks back…I talked about having a man to lead and if you have a Godly man who loves and respects, you will love following him. Anyways…this morning at church we talked about Ruth and Boaz and he mentioned coincidence. Pastor Chris really emphasized again, healthy relatonships and no one can be a leader without being able to follow (Christ) first! I loved that he said if who you are dating isn’t knocking your socks off now (my words) then they surely won’t once you are married. Anyways….it was good. You can always go back and listen HERE. (forward past the singing and such) The funny thing is on the way to church it was just Felicity and me and I felt prompted to tell her about how I got to a point where I had to decide to let the relationship with Karson’s dad go. I wasn’t going to force anything any longer or wonder if I should or shouldn’t be. I was just going to let it go. I asked God to be my matchmaker. (are you singing “match maker match maker, make me a match”?) I didn’t want to worry about it any longer and shortly after (within 2 months) Mark had asked me out. Then we had that sermon…anyways…it’s cool to see it all come together and to see how God pieces together events and conversations and sermons.

There were baby drop offs, college pick up..student drivers, complaining passengers (about the driver), false nail adhesion in the car, some yelling, laughing…everyone using my charge cord but me, nails spilling, surprise announcements of college deadlines for hat night, pinky nails popping off. Wedding. Reception. Snowball fights, “no, I’m going to drive”, loud dating conversation, college drop offs, baby pick ups, dead phones (no photos), return home. Wine, clean up, wash face-hair up-comfy clothes on, computer, bed. Thats alot in 6 hours.


I discovered if I sleep on a long tube just at the base of myneck like my chiro told me, it keeps my fingers and hands from falling asleep. I literally sleep on a my water bottle with a towel to soften it. I eventually ditch it in the night but that is what I am doing along with massage and stretch to defeat this. I do have sharp nervey pain coming from my wrist when I move it and so I’m wondering if I have something wrong there too.

The leaky tire issue has been solved and all four new tires go on tomorrow afternoon because its not fixable and no one puts on ONE new tire. Evidently, my tires are all on the way out anyways, so its time. cha ching –again.

Last Sunday, Bucky got out of his cage and directly went out his dog door without his proper down and up dog morning stretch. He saw the deer right away…and starting to prowl like a cat. I snapped and told him to stop and “leave it” in low angry whisper…but he continued on. He took off in a sprint and took a sharp left turn to avoid coming into the dog line barrier and I heard a “yelp”. He came in limping and then stood there with his left leg up and shaking. I think he pulled a hammy. He limped for a few days and tried to avoid going up stairs but I think he is healing well. I even put the small “earthing mat” under his sofa blanket to help him heal faster. He is on it right now.

So I’ll sign off for the week and continue to listen to Hatcher and Cora sing downstairs…

after the christmas walk

OH Jack Junior is getting photographed this week and he has guests Friday-Sunday! Exciting.

Oh and shout out to Carter–Cornerstone University men’s cross country team member–for reading my blog. Hey.

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      actually was thinking I would start there! I remember reading a story the Pioneer Woman put out well before she was really well known and it was how she met her husband and I ended up printing it off so I could read it when I went to bed.

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