Marathon Weekend!

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I’m sitting in Cora’s dorm on Mark’s old ipad. The caps lock buttons are missing and the keyboard is entirely too small. I thought I wanted to just throw out a quick update but its proving to be difficult.

I left home earlier than expected to catch one of Cora’s cross country meets. I got there early and had lots of time to learn the course and read. My battery on my phone was low so I turned on my car for about 15 mins and I kid you NOT it killed my car! So here I am, 20 mins before her race seeking jumper cables so that when she is done, we can quickly get to Chicago for my Kidney Team dinner. This lady had this small charging box with two mini clamps just like cables. I truly did not believe that little box could jump start my car but it DID! I must have one of those! Incredible. The bewildering part is why is my battery dying? I guess I need a new one of those now. I’m scared I’m going to get stuck in Chicago with a dead car. The weather was great and Cora felt good on her run. (last time she puked twice)

Cora navigated me to the restaurant by subway and we met several others that are running the marathon on Sunday. One gal was a kidney recipient 2 years ago and her running buddy donated it. The guy next to me had received two kidneys (one at age 6 and one more recently) and his sister is running the race. Another daughter/dad couple were running because their brother/son is on dialysis waiting a kidney. There are more stories but I didn’t get to hear them all.

All the food was pre-ordered and so all this great glutenous pasta came out and Cora and I looked at each other. We don’t eat gluten and I’m not going to start 2 days before the race! So we were able to order some gluten free but it came out after everyone was done and it wasn’t quite cooked through BUT we were hungry and so we ate it. I’m already planning a beautiful breakfast on our way to the expo to pick up my packet!

Typing on this is horrible so I’ll keep it really short and I’ll update when I get home on my computer.

I believe my wave starts at 8:30 and you can follow on the ChiMarathon App from the app store. I believe you can look up my name (Adonna Linsley) on the app but I can post my bib# on my stories tomorrow on facebook. I’m sure you all have much better things to do with your time though and can catch the update Sunday night. I plan to wear my airpods to be able to hear texts when they come in so if you wan to text me…616-644-0627, you can. I wont respond though…ok. 🙂 Most of my kids will be here watching parts of the race and I hope to eat a glorious meal after and shower and head home.

The race is SUNDAY, not Saturday. FYI. I hope to run it all or close to it. I hope my hip doesn’t get too tight and that my arches hold out (they have been super sore). I’m just ready to be done with it…like it’s making me anxious.

I’ve been thinking alot about Mark. I talk about him..tell the story…to no one, in my car when I’m alone. I’ve thought alot about how much he suffered and how hard it must have been to not be able to do the simple things and the things you want to do. I was so caught up in his treatment and everything, I’m not sure I dwelled on it much, although we did talk about it. i’ll talk about that later.

For now…pray for a successful Sunday for me and for my kids and “fans” in Chicago…that my car will make it home and that I can push my focus onto new projects…or maybe nothing at all. That would be nice.

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  1. It will be a relief when done with race ! But what an accomplishment 🏃🏻‍♀️ Will have you in my mind on Sunday .

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