Infrastructure-The Road to Tidiness Part 2

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  1. the basic physical and organizational structures and facilities needed for the operation of a society or enterprise.
And then you deal with reality.  You life is a mess in all areas and you’ve just exposed yourself to another.  There’s no hiding now and the best you can do it just move forward making progress every stinking day.
It’s good to have accountability!  Thats what I do for a living….support, encourage and keep other accountable but I understand a bit more why one might “disappear” for a bit or hide in the shade…because we feel like we didn’t do what we thought we would do or we might disappoint or we might be found for a fraud.
I met with my Organizing Shark.  We went through every aspect of life, really.  How do I access laundry, dishes, chores?  Do I delegate?  How do I deal with bills and banking?  What about my calendar?  Groceries and meal planning? The works!  I sat and listened, actually cried at first because I felt so overwhelmed and no one had asked me the questions she was asking before, or in a while.  I sometime revert to a child…don’t we all.  Like I’m being discipline and I won’t stand up for myself.  She was not MEAN nor was she treating my like a child but most of the stuff she was telling me and suggesting to me…I already know.  In fact I preach it myself, but I didn’t want to say “I know that already!” Because when you looked through my house…you would never know  I know..and if you looked at my heart that statement might be confusing as well.  Because if I knew…why wasn’t I doing?
It’s Mindset.  Today I listened to Unconscious Negativity by Brooke Castillo on her podcast and I was blown away at the fact that I truly am a negative person.  Regarding myself, others, relationships, my home and my marriage even.  Sometimes I’m looking for the worst in people because I’v already decided that is what they are.  When we think or talk negatively about a negative person or let it bug us…we are being negative.  I’m not sure who much this has to do with the above information on my organizing initial interview but I do know it has a lot to do with infrastructure.
Your soul is the part of you that consists of your mind, character, thoughts, and feelings-so all of that is the infrastructure of YOU!
-is not just your frame, your outer appearance, the look of our home  or how your family functions…its the well being of your soul.  I think if we can work on the infrastructure of our soul we can get so much further in life.  Our thoughts create emotions..and those emotions cause us to take action or not which gives us results.
So maybe we don’t need sharks.  Maybe we need to tell ourselves we CAN be organized.  We DON”T need stuff or activities or “filler uppers” outside of our home and family.  We tell ourself we are content and happy and that others and others actions don’t bother us or affect us.  I mean we say yes due to our thoughts and emotions.  We buy stuff based on thoughts and emotions.  We get up and go and do (cleaning and such ) based on our thoughts and emotions (and time-which we filled with other stuff due to our thoughts and emotions).  I’m not saying its easy or will be or is going to be…in fact, I KNOW dealing with the soul and the emotions are way harder than just doing stuff and filling your days, weeks and months.
So, now that I’ve looked into my infrastructure of my home and my soul….its time to get to work!!
So the journey continues…the road to tidiness is long but I am willing to travel.  Because when I do…I will have more to offer in the end.  I just know it…and I want it.

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