Entering November

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Nov 1st

What a way to start November..it was beautiful weather. I cooked some of ourdinner outside and we plopped down on the deck with the leaves among us while we ate. It was too nice to go inside. I even left the doors open while I went from the kitchen to the grill. Is this a precursor to what we will experience the whole month? Wouldn’t that be nice! I don’t do winter well.

The Bible Study I’m doing is talking about Jesus and 9 of his titles and today was Jesus the healer. It actually was a tough one to read as she states that as long as we are spirtually well, death may just be a stop along the way. The whole chapter really made me think and it was quite an eye opener. I have often asked myself, as many of us have, why doesn’t Jesus heal like He did in the New Testament…or why did Jesus perform these healings in the first place? After meeting with my group I realized..Jesus didn’t heal to show power (or maybe a little) or to allow people to walk or see but to show who He was so that others can know. It’s more important for us to be spiritually well than physically well. We need to be spiritually well, and as long as we are….it doesn’t matter if we get sick. It doesn’t matter if we die. I think Jesus used those healings to bring people to Him…so they would KNOW who He is. If you are not well..if you are sick..you need to go to the doctor. He can heal you. He is the only one that I know who can. We are all terminally ill. We all need saving and healing.

November 2nd

Another beautiful day. I wish I had motivation and energy to really conquer it. I drag all morning long. Why is it so hard?


November 4th

ANOTHER REALLY NICE DAY. A few blogs back I talked about October having all the good stuff but man, November so far has October beat. Hatcher and I were in T-shirts at Coras’ meet yesterday and in tanks today at Aly’s. Bee-a-u-tiful!

Hatcher and I left for Warrenville/Naperville yesterday so we could have brunch wth Cora but it didn’t work out that way due to some class conflict so we went straight toward her meet and we hit up a couple of Thrift shops, a guitar shop and I went to that At Home store. That store is new to me but if you have not been there its like Home Goods meets Hobby Lobby meets a warehouse (at good prices). I’ve never seen so many pillows in my life! I did find the exact stoarage container I’ve been looking for though, and bought those up. Cora’s meet was at this Forest Preserve and it had all these beautiful restored barns painted mustard yellow with black accents. There were lots of white horse fences and it all butted up to a new building. It was really pretty. Cora had a PR and she threw up. Nice combo. We then argued (lovingly) on the way back to Moody if its called Poke bowl or Pok-ee bowl. How do YOU say it? (or don’t you?). I had Cora’s old roommate, who now lives across the hall, decorate her room and get some sort of cake/dessert that she can eat (or mostly eat). So when she came home there were streamers…and balloons and more streamers and a big 2-0 up on the wall. It took her by surprise so I call that a success. I gave her 30 minutes to shower and change so we could go eat. Hatcher, Cora and I hit up the Grand Lux Cafe again because its nice, it has good ambiance, the food is good and its reasonably priced. I had the warm kale and grain salad with salmon. I’ve been craving it from marathon weekend. Hatcher still wasn’t feeling 100% from last week and on the way to dinner said his throat hurt so bad. He had water and couldn’t do the soup even. Poor guy. They gave Cora a little edible birthday card and we headed back to Moody. Hatcher need motrin and to lay down and Cora wasn’t feeling great herself. She was achey and had some chills. Its always something right? Her and I cuddled into her lower bunk and started some Gilmore girls..I didn’t last long. Her guy friends tucked Hatcher in and they all went out for ice cream. It was HOT in her dorm and I was awakened by the city sounds several times but all in all, I slept well enough. I once again, though, forgot to make sure my watch was on Chicago time and got up at 4:30 instead of 5:30. I did manage to go back to sleep again but not for a full hour. Hatcher and I met in the plaza and were off to our next adventure by 6am. Toledo Ohio for NAIA Confernece Championships. ( I guess its WAC division actually)

We noticed a couple more thrift shops on our way and another At Home store (I wanted more of those bins) and so we made note to go ahead and hit those on our way out. Aly’s meet was at a really nice golf course and we had some time to spare so we walked around hoping to find a port-a-jon without lines but instead we came across a coyote in a sand bunker. I guess he hangs out there. He was actually kind of cute…in a not cute way. We kind of startled him. He was snoozing in the sun. Cornerstone guys crushed their race leading almost 5 deep for most of it before the 2 leading guys pulled away. Cornerstone girls did awesome as well winning the #1 and 4(?) spot as well as many others. Aly ran 8th for her team and both men and women took the titles today. It was also really nice to meet some more of the parents and watch the awards ceremony. I really do like people and like to be around them…I just feel like I have to slowly merge back in. Hatcher and I DID hit up those stores and one was really nice. I found the rest of my bins and we headed back. It really did feel like a long 3 hours home…it always does when you are near Grand Rapids but aren’t …and then it takes forever to actually get there. We had to make one more gas stop on the way home but we did make it. I’m thankful I cleaned the house before I left. Actually, Hatcher said, ” I think Stacie cleaned our house again.” I was like no, I cleaned before we left! I’m getting there folks.

Seeing that big circle of kids after the awards…arms around each other, being led in prayer by their coach…makes me really thankful Aly is there. There are alot of christian colleges and universitys that aren’t exactly full of christians…and many there, are just there…and CU is no exception BUT this group of kids and team seems really focused. I know not all the kids are…but I know the coach is. I also know how influenced Aly is by the coaches and many of the kids…Its been really good for her. I loved seeing them bow their head to the one and only and saying thanks.

Cora turned 20 today. She is Mark and I’s first. He would lift her in the air and call her “super-girl, super-girl…flying high up in the air, super girl super girl”. He would continue to make up lyrics as long as she was smiling. We had Karson when we got married, he was part of the package (wink) but Cora made him a daddy. She was always a pretty serious little girl…lots of fun but not overly goofy. They talked about life and the Bible together pretty early on. I think they have always shared a special bond and would discuss scripture often. She would call from Moody and ask for input on her papers. Even though he was sick…he tried his best to do that with her. She loves to dance freely, read often, and visit coffee shops after a day of thrifting. She has an issue with shoes, and clothes overall. She likes plants but forgets to water them and she keeps everything because her heart is tender and throwing something out is like throwing them out (even though its not). She likes to swim in the rain, worship Jesus, hike, and sleep with her dog, Bucky. I do enjoy her and was happy to be able to see her even if it was just for 14 hours.

I’m so glad to NOT be going anywhere tomorrow. I’m working on Jack Junior and stopping when I want to.

November 6th.

Church. Birthday Party for my niece and picking up sticks from the crazy windy day yesterday. I found myself daydreaming about Mark most of Sunday School (sorry Trevor) and church (sorry Chris., I got the jist of it though) and I’m not sure why…when I was at the birthday party one of the gals in the Kidney Cancer Caretakers Group posted that she ended up putting her mom in the hospital via the mom’s request and was really conflicted because she brought her home on hospice but then (on high pain meds etc) the mom was requesting to be in the hospital. Its so hard. They are not in their right mind and you have to make these forever decisions and you don’t know what is the right one to make. Just as I was commenting on her post, she messaged me (we have been chatting) and told me “its time. we are taking her off O2 and giving her morphine”. My stomach got tight and I quickly relived the emotions…and I felt awful for her. I was convicted last week as I chatted with her but never mentioned Jesus. I know why I’m here. I did not become a follower and get saved ONLY for myself. My “job” as a christian is to let others know of Christ and I never asked her if her mom knew the Lord. Sooo…today I told her I wasn’t going to feel bad for asking because I was convicted and asked if her mom knew the Lord. Even the yucky parts of life have purpose and that there can be so much more waiting for her. She told me her mom did and she was content and was gesturing to them that she was ready to die. Oh my heart. She just wants to leave the pain and be with her savior. Oh the GLORY that awaits her and I feel like I obeyed the Holy Spirit as well. Why is it so hard! God says, “Go! Tell others of me!!” Its like learning of the fountain of youth and not telling others. I yearn for the day its not hard anymore.

Also, the sermon today was good (I did hear 75% of it) so you might want to partake. You can listen/watch here.

In Sunday School we were talking about not only helping others by throwing money at them but getting involved in their messy lives and I could not agree more. So many people helped in so many ways this past year from money to gift cards to sweat and elbow grease at our house. The ones you really remember are the ones that show up (and I KNOW not everyone can so I want to recognize that and make sure everyone knows…the cards and $$ were SOOO appreciated too). But I want to encourage people (including myself) to step into people’s messy lives and leave that lasting impression not only on their lives but on your own. I mean, when Mark’s cousin fell off my roof preparing for Aly’s open house…I know that left an impression on his life! And on his arm! Thankfully it was only a large scratch.

Anyways….gosh I have lots to say. I’ll save it I guess.

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