Day 15.

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Home again-without the jiggety jig.

As we pulled out onto Michigan Street we had a weird sensation. Mark said deja vu. We have left the hospital after he donated a kidney and also after a pretty nasty soccer incident where he was kicked and broke 5 ribs and punctured a lung. That was an 11 day stay. Both times he left on the mend, knowing he was getting better. This time did not mimick that.

Since we were still waiting..for specifics…and he was no longer on an IV and he was no longer having his urine investigated…we figured it was just as good to be home and they did not protest. They wanted to keep him till tomorrow because they couldn’t get him into dialysis today but I informed them that Taylor from the Home Training center already had him scheduled for tomorrow. Mark and I took a walk around the hall and even ventured outside for a bit (I tried to warn him of the heat. And NO he was not wearing a gown) After that the doctor came back and informed us that he made some phones calls (too many people not talking to each other) and got everyone on the same page. We were discharged by 3 with a little hesitation but happy to rest at home.

Tomorrow we start the repetative adventure of driving to the Beltline daily until we are trained to do In Home Dialysis. We still wait on a call from oncology regarding diagnosis and treatment.

In the meantime, I will try to keep getting additional information regarding 2nd opinions and alternative treatment (as in elsewhere but also as in natural) but as you can imagine, finding treatment away from home would be really hard. At least here, we can come home to our kids. If we were far away there would be less time with kids and more travel cost etc. I want him to choose what is best for him but right now I’m so uninformed on this stuff!!!

After this write up, I will be researching microorgenelles (is that even spelled right?)

Oh! and I did have someone come to the room and work on Mark’s back and hips and she was soooo good and worked on him for so long. It was a good release in more than one way.

I still pray for kidney restoration partially or completely!! I pray that the treatment we choose not only sets him on the path to feel better but on the path to total remission.

In the meantime, he is so super tired and weak. He is sleeping in the chair next to me and woke up to say, “somethings wrong” (panic in my chest) “I feel so weak”. And then he went back to sleep. He may have been sleep talking…but sleep has just been super weird for him.