Day 14. August 29th

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Good Morning.
I ran out of good coffee this morning…but no fear, I had backups and I had decent coffee at the cafeteria…which is free.

There is not much to update. We are in a holding pattern. They moved Mark down to floor 2 because there was a patient with more urgent care and Mark is easy and not requiring much right now. We really liked most of the nurses and techs on floor 7 and its funny how fast you can build relationships. We will miss them.
Floor 2 is VERY quiet which is what Mark needs to rest. Like eery quiet. We walk the floor and there is a whole wing here…with no one in it! Its like the apocolypse happened. No one in the hall, no patients…lights are not even on in some of the areas. No bed alarms going one rushing through the hall.
We are waiting on biopsy results still and his last biopsy went well. He didn’t come back sick or burdened with a huge headache. He also had dialysis on Saturday and did not puke after.
We used Grubhub for the first time with a gift card that was so lovingly given to us to order dinner last night. Mark ate some of his but his gut is just NOT functioning right. But when you think about it….you stop moving…you get narcotics injected into you all day long over more a week….of course your bowels will slow down and go to sleep. It’s how our body works. I truly believe that swallowing laxatives and softners do nothing. (this is my frustration coming out). I believe in order to heal, he has to be home and in an environment he feels comfortable enough and can breathe fresh air and feel the sun (and immense heat) on his face.
So we hope to be cleared here soon…so we can go home and keep waiting there. Mark has extreme back pain… he cannot rest well at all. I believe in a puking episode last week he “slipped a disc” or “threw his back out” and that this pain is all muscular. Sadly, there are no in-house chiropractors and massage therapists here. I’d like to build my own hosptial but call it the Healing House. Where people can can the medical care they need along side the healing aspects they need. They have to be side by side.

We will be watching church live online at 10:30. Please join us!! (link below)
I haven’t figured out how to post images (I used to know and now forgot how) so I’ll place another Mark photo on facebook with this link :).