Day 11. late night update.

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Thank you everyone who messaged us or commented letting us know they are thinking of us and praying for us and thank you to the people who have done physical stuff to help us keep our heads above water with life! Oh and the cards in the mail!!

Mark started his day with Dialysis (I almost said chemo..I’m losing my mind) and when he got back he felt awful. After vomiting he took the meds he could get and was able to sleep for like 3 hours!! Poor JJ our tech..I kept telling him to come back for vitals! I shooed away the resident doc and I shooed away the nurse. If I wasn’t there, he would never sleep!! After meds he layed down on his chest sideways on the bed. It hurts to sleep on his back and sit! He slept that way for over another hour.

There isn’t much to update except…Dr Carson stopped in (we like him. He was there in the beginning and even though its really not his “case” as this point, he checks in) to tell us that Dr Campbell, the oncologist, wants to rebiopsy the “mass”/lymphnode again (the one that was inconclusive) to try again to get a genomic profile on it and have that ready when the one comes back on the kidney. He feels this will help him be more productive in treatment and we like it when they think ahead!

So tomorrow–one more biopsy.

It’s also parent’s night for cross-country at the football game Friday night and Mark won’t be able to go. This is crushing to him. It would be awesome if he could view a portion of the season, it’s important to him.