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March 15 2024

I blinked. And it was March. I actually hear birds chirping this morning but I also hear garbage trucks picking up the recycling…which is a combo of back up beeps, loud engines, squeaky hydrolics and lots of bangs from putting the containers back down. No one can sleep to that!

March is hopeful to me. It’s the end of winter and the opening of spring. Its definitely the season of the sticks though. So ugly. I’m thankful for unusual warm weather and for the lack of snow this year and I’m thankful that I have had lack of guests at the rental. Even February was booked for all weekends! Its not hard to keep it up but I don’t mind not cleaning.

So I’m taking a What is Theology class at my church. I’ve been waiting for them to start one up again…its been years! Last time I went there were maybe 20 people in the class and then my teaching schedule picked up and I went back to teaching Turbo Kick instead. I know…my heart is cold and I’ll have to answer for that. This time the class has over 75 and from the looks of it lat night, we might be pushing 100. Incredible. That really shows how our church has grown in so many ways. Mark and I talked about taking Bible classes…like going to a Bible College and taking classes. He had some at Cornerstone but I hadn’t taken any. We dreamed about maybe when both girls were in college we could do something like that. Go back to homeschooling Hatch and go on that adventure…I really miss his Biblical insight. He knew the word and He knew the creator. I miss his wisdom….in life in general. I know my kids do too even though he gave his “insight” without asking and it wasn’t always recieved well…but he was usually right. We talked a bit last night about learning from top to bottom. Often, we want to go bottom up as humans because our understanding is soooo…well not on Gods level. We talked about Gods will and plan and that if God did it…or said it…it is good and it is true. That always makes me think of Mark…I can’t help but always wonder had we done something different, if it would have been different but I also know (and speak it) that this was part of Gods plan and so it is good. It just doesn’t feel good most of the time…or all of the time. But I do know…I do trust the process. I just don’t like leading myself ( I mean aside from doing what I think God wants me to do. He is the ultimate leader) and making decisions and I have all kinds of “I wished I had focused on this or that or said this or that”. But I can’t go back.

We have had an adventurous winter I feel like. I mean, we didn’t go skiing or travel much but its seems that Cora has been home a ton (her breaks at Moody are long) and has been having her own adventure that I like to keep close tabs on…like opening a new chapter in book. Hatcher broke his finger, had surgery and went 6 weeks with pins in his hand. He is all healed up and playing guitar again which is nice to hear and see. Sadly, he is not running track. He is a great hurdler but is not in love with the sport and does not want do it. I love track season and so I’m going to miss watching him perform and just being out there at the track. I guess it has to end sometime. Maybe I can catch one of Aly’s outdoor meets. Its not the same because I only know her and she runs ONE event (which will still be lovely, because I love watching her run but you don’t know the other kids, however the competition is better). This is one of the many things I love about HS sports that we don’t think about when we are in it. Aly has a great indoor season, I only got to go to one meet but she is running her events completely aware and alert and even beating her old times and making new PR’s (personal records). This is incredible becasue last year her body fell apart and she wasn’t finishing totally herself. She just couldn’t do it…YET! She feels more like herself and like she is back and she is enjoying it so much more. I love that for her! She comes home today!! She is bringing friends to stay at Jack Jr for the weekend. I have no idea what they have planned but thats fine! I feel like lately there is always someone here which is kind of nice. Right now its Cora and her friend from Montana/Colorado. She met her in Kosovo and they have been penpals. Good old fashion writers. Its so cute. And Cora is training to work at Heavenflow Coffee Co. this summer so be sure to check out this adorabel coffee shop! Right downtown Newaygo! Hatcher has friends over often as well….AND…big announcement…we are getting an exchange student from Spain. His name is Mario and he likes to workout and he plays piano! So be praying for him…his prep to come and that him and Hatcher get along super well! They will be sharing a room and so I have alot of work to do to totally revamp his room for 2 with closets. Yikes. I’ve always wanted to do this. So I’m checking this off the list.

I haven’t been up to the island since October and I’m itching! I’m making plans for April and I’ll be up there alot working on a project. I’m super excited and will post more about that as it progesses but I did re-learn autoCAD this winter and I’m excited to keep using it. I’ll be working on a project for Karson and of course one for myself but may possibly be taking on more design projects as time goes on, specifically in the fall when the craziness of summer slows down.

Also…Hatcher and I are going to Brazil! Our church is taking a select few (they interviewed etc) from the youth group and a few leaders (me being one) to a Bible Translation Camp. We will be support staff for the missionaries there which will include tasks in the kitchen, on the grounds and with the kids. I have more to say on this but will save it for a little later. Right now we are kicking off our first fundraiser tomorrow which is a cornhole tournament! I was personally hoping for 20 teams but we have close to 40!! We are also doing a silent auction and I was kind of in charge of gathering those donations and now that I’m out of time I thought of like 10 more places I should have gone. Oh well. I’ve not been able to concentrate on my own fundraising as of yet ( well a little bit) because this has been alot…but I think we have awesome prizes and it should be a really fun night. So tomorrow, March 16th 4-? we will be throwing bean bags and silently auctioning off items. Pray for that and come if you can! You don’t have to be signed up, just come and check it out and bid on some coffee baskets, airbnbs (mine), photography, mega meat pack locally raised and more. Also, I’ll just slide this in here…if you want to support me financially…you can venmo me at Adonna-Linsley and make a note of what it is for. I take other forms of payments too…I’m not picky! If you want a tax deduction I have a form I can give or send you. I’m not sure where I sit $$ wise until after the fundraiser. Stay tuned.

Hatcher is getting baptized. This is a big deal…as it should be. He came to Christ about 7 yrs old and then had another “come to Jesus” moment at about age 9…Mark wrote this all in his Bible so we can always know. Mark talked to him all the time about baptism but he never took the step. I think as a young kid he was scared. But then again he has done some brave things (while being scared I’m sure) so maybe that wasn’t it. I didn’t get baptized til I was 25. Anyways…I don’t know if the delay lately has been Mark. Mark baptized the girls and he won’t be able to do that for Hatcher. But we get baptized to let others know who we are and who we belong to, it doesn’t matter who does it. I’m happy he is taking the step to do it now. It will be Easter Sunday.

Ive had alot of somber moments that I’ve wanted to blog…but then I don’t and of course I forget what I wanted to say. Lately, I’ve heard some old country I used to listen to in my youth…it brings me back and some of it reminds me of Mark (like we both liked it) and some have words that remind me of Mark….that make me sad. I sat in a daze the other day….trying really hard to remember…dancing at our wedding..and what his back felt like when I put my arm around him and what it felt like to have his face close, whispering to me while we danced. Its hard to remember. But I don’t want to forget.


See, its so hard to finish what I started. Yesterday I had to go..and when I got home I had so much to do for this cornhole tournament that I went to bed close to 11 (Ive been in bed by 9 these days) and just now and sitting to “finish” before I take off.

Mark’s friend Todd (fellow pilot and comedian) is taking his son fishing on the Muskegon and so I’m am helping them place their truck so they can just get out and its there. Then I’m off to get some last minute items for the fundraiser, and a MUCH needed oil change. Thankfully my Toyota is good with oil, I can go way over and its not really dirty and it doesn leak.

Is anyone lke me? My mind. Going and going and going. I really do have to just stop and capture thoughts, moments and events or I might not remember them again!

Last night was total chaos, which I love and loathe. I love the sounds and laughter and everyone here but sometimes my brain just cannot take all the stimulus. I felt fine last light but I slept horrible ….because I had kids watching movies too loud, and people coming home late etc and so on. And I was HOT! So It will be a long day. I need sunday to recover but I usually end up doing something and don’t let my body decompress.

Okay I’ll have to just be better about updates in the lives of our family in this aftermath of loss. But I have got to get going. Its going to be a great auction. Lots of good items. Stop by or phone a friend you know is coming and ask them to check it out for you!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for a super exciting spring and summer. Weddings, projects, relationships, rentals, some travel, exchange students, open mics, gigs, summer jobs, walks, runs, hikes adventures. Its all coming…Lord willing…but if He comes first. I’m okay with missing all of it.

In no specific order…a glimpse….and some memories of Mark.

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