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Feb 27th

Felicity’s appointment went well and baby sounds really good. Mark stayed home and mostly slept while I was gone. I returned home to do dialysis and he slept most of that too. After dialysis he ate some more and fell asleep. He slept alot today. Like abnormally. He also urinated alot more in the last 24 hours.. (1500ml). I write this more for my sake than yours.

March 2

I recieved news that Mark is now adequate on the machine. It means his blood works shows that the time on the machine mixed with the dialysate is enough to clean his blood thoroughly. He should start to feel a bit better but this darn chemo pill makes him nauseous.

March 3

The immunotherapy has not been approved by the insurance. I’m not sure why and I have someone working on it but it sounds like its not approved for this type of cancer (but it is…just not by our insurance I guess). They send a letter to Mark’s oncologist and I’ve been told, if she responds, it will most likely get approved. She has not responded yet. She has to respond by today and if not we have to appeal. Funny, I finally posted on this caregiver page I’m a part of to see if anyone else had the same type of issues and problems and a couple people responded (that of course its approved for this type of cancer) and then one gal told me my post came of rude and condensending ????? How in the world…I am not sure but it’s people like that that make you delete and shrink back into your own world. Don’t assume people mean what you think they do. Or…I don’t know..ask them? Know their story. It upset me for most of the morning but I have to let it go. Guess I’ll look for a different support group.

We went to the book store because Mark is reading through them too fast! He left with some John Grisham and I found a couple I thought I might be able to read as well. We also went and got more seed for the birds. The sunshine has them coming out like crazy. I’m looking for that first Robin but so far just Bluejays, cardinals, chickadees and some other ones. (maybe grosbeeks?) Yesterday we had a dove adn today we had 4.

Mark feels sleepy alot still. That shoulder that we decided not to radiate bothers him and has a nice bulge on the scapula. He is still urinating…and we are taking off fluid so he is losing that water weight at a nice pace. At-home dialysis is going well. We did have to do some phone calling and tagging regarding his fistula. I guess after he had the narrowing widened, he was suppose to use it right away. This was not communicated to us well. Its funny that often people will assume. I think they assumed that I was doing at home dialysis with his fistula and I’m not. They never contacted the Davita center or sent a referral and so Davita told us to just use CVC at home while that grew stronger but the collateral vein was never tied off nor did we get a phone call to get that done. Anyways…we will see Dr DeJong later this month and see if we need to do ANOTHER small outpatient surgery on that fistula and then hopefully we can train to use just that. We really did think that he would have his CVC out by now. They don’t normally stay in this long but it has been working really well for us. Praise God.

Just a quick update for you.

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  1. Still Keeping you guys in our prayers. 🙏🏻🙏🏻Glad things are looking a little better. 🤗🤗

  2. Thank you Dusty. And I think you already know this; some people think they are judge and jury and everything out of their mouths is right and no one else is. That’s the kind of person who would judge your posts. Please just pray for her and let God fight this battle. I love you sweetheart and you are doing great.

  3. God fill you with faith, power and hope, Dusty and Mark. Nancy and I just returned from a southern getaway, all the while praying God would open a way for you guys to get some real sun.

    May peace and joy abound in you.

    Jack and Nancy

  4. Always in our prayers. Thank you for all the updates. I don’t always respond but I read them all! God loves you and so do we! Hugs

  5. You be you and keep posting. People don’t think before they respond to a lot of posts. You guys are troopers and we are praying for you.

  6. Miss the updates. I check every day. Trust you are all doing well. Please know that our prayers are covering you.

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