Blogging is hard…so is life.

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Blogging is kind of hard.

I mean you have to sit down (step one right!) and type (my typing skills have plummeted) and you have to have something to say.  Not only do you need to have something to say, it needs to be interesting or add value to the readers life.  Whether it makes them laugh, think deeply or direct them in some sort of action….it needs to add something that wasn’t there before.

Well, I have lots to say.  But I won’t say it all at once and I may not say it as eloquently as I want to but you just have to start right.  You just have to start. (or restart)

I think I might be going through a slight midlife crisis?  Is that possible at 42?  I feel the need to purge, to renew, to get stuff out and make life more simple.  I also keep debating on how much I want to share of my life on social media, but social media is how I run my business.  I am struggling with thoughts of the past and present and with certain relationships.  I have been listening to a podcast and really think I need to dig deep into the why.  Why do I feel the way I do?  Why do I have these thoughts (they are not all bad).  February feels like a big wash when it comes to life as I pretty much disappeared off my Facebook and Instagram account in order to play the role of mom and dad, counselor, taxi cab driver and school teacher while my husband is away pursuing his dream job (yes, I support it 100% and even like to say it was my idea 🙂 )  I’ve been loading wood, filling wood burners, snow blowing driveways, taking cars in to get fixed, repairing ceilings and then the usual feedings of the flock 3x a day (come on!!) and keeping everyone alive and getting them where they need to go all while saying lovely positive uplifting words to help them grow into mature adults.  It’s tough stuff.

What I don’t feel is pressure. Which is nice and unusual.  I usually pressure myself more than anyone else pressures me (the compare game, you know)  But I decided it’s okay to not “snap a pic” of everything I eat, every workout, every fun thing I do with my kids or every catastrophe in order to “connect” with my followers or followers to be.  Sometimes you have to take a break!!  I know many that will disagree with me, and they are partially right. You have to do massive progress to get results.  There are no breaks.  There are no time outs, there is no slowing down if you want to achieve results.  I just haven’t figured out exactly where the efforts should be going specifically.  It feels too scattered still.  Too much in too many places.  That’s why I want to talk to a life coach.  I need direction.  I can go, I can work hard but I can get very distracted.  I’m very good at following a path though.  I just need to figure out my path.

In the meantime….I want to better my relationships with people in my house, with my Lord and Savior and feel at peace about what I do on a daily basis.  I keep thinking….”is this going to matter in the big scheme of things?”  Is this adding value to my family…or is it wasting time?   What can I do to be more productive in less time?  I hate wasting time and I do it daily!!! Do you?  Oh my word…my phone.  I’ve put it down a ton over the last 3 weeks but it can be a total time suck!  AND it’s not working right so it takes me FOREVA to type something or get a simple message out!  Sometimes I can’t even translate my own messages to others.  But really…if I were to pass now….does it matter if I was 100% on my 90 day Fitness program?  What are our goals REALLY? And why do we have them?  Some food for thought.

So as I get back on track on figure life out….I’ll let you know how it is going.

For now, I recommend Brooke Castillo The Life Coach School podcast.  Start at #1 but #193 (I think) talks about all the big topics she touches on and there are a lot, and they are good!  From family to business to self.  Everyone can use all of it.  Right now there are over 200 episodes so you better get going!  I listen in the car rides, or if I’m working on a home project or doing some design work where I don’t have to have complete thoughts and I’m just being creative.  Cleaning the house would be another time to listen.

Take Care.

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