Overalls and Cowboy Hats.

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July5th Well Hello there! Its been too long hasn’t it? Alot has happened so lets just play some quick catching up…I’ll drop some photos and then I’ll be better about updating. Sometimes I sit and wonder why I’m typing but people do ask me and people do read it and the best part is I can go back on this …

Its almost Summer.

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May 31, 2023 Its been awhile since we had coffee together. Sorry, I’ven been busy or just didn’t feel like making the time but then I forget how nice it is to just sit and talk. Hatcher drove off to school this morning..early..for FCA (fellowship of Christian athletes) because its their last message and instead of him speaking, he is …

April 30 2023

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I just really miss his voice. I go to track meets and stand alone. We would split split duty..at big meets, “take bets” on times and who would win. Mark could often tell just by how they look. It’s a lonely season…in more ways than one.

He is Risen

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April 9th 2023 I almost had to change that date…thinking it was already May. Its not. No worries. My house has extra people…very bubbly, joyous, other people. One has left for the windy city but a few remain. It always fun to have so many at home…but also exhausting. I managed 2 really sluggish days and then had a great …

Survival Beach part 3

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March 20, 2023 Happy Spring. Okay so lets finish this up. Aly was okay. Thank you all who have reached out with concern and suggestions…its our nature to do that isn’t it? Aly has been looked at by more than once doctor. They say she is “fine”. This is why we must be our own advocates and we must push …

Survival Beach, Sea Urchins and Australians

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March 12th 2023 Ah, yes, that’s right. We’ve entered into March already. AND we sprang ahead. I got up this morning and I really didn’t know what time it truly was. All week my watch wouldn’t get the correct time zone unless I connected it to my phone but for some reason this morning..it was spot on without connecting it …

He Sneezed Twice

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February 19th 2023 Every time Mark got into bed, he sneezed. Twice. You see, I don’t like the abrupt sounds of sneezes. Even though I sneeze myself…I mean we can’t help it and I know that but I still don’t like it. So every night he gets into bed and sneezes…and I have to cringe a bit and then relax. …

House of Dior

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Feb 5th 2023 Just kidding, its now the 7th…that’s how I roll I guess. According to Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris….. In 1947 Christian Dior featured his first collection of fitted bodices, narrow waist and full pleated skirts. These exquisite designs were featured at the House of Dior and purchased by individuals to be custom fit to one person. Only …

Today I feel it.

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Jan 22, 2022 People really reach out on holidays…birthdays, anniversaries etc. Days they know may be extra hard for me and my family but for some reason the excitement and busyness make those days tolerable. Today. Today was a Mark day. I don’t really know why. I went to Sunday School and we are studying Acts. One of the books …