The Warrior Wall is full of hard-working, dedicated, and motivated individuals who know there are no shortcuts to a healthy lifestyle.


Danielle has been working REALLY hard the last few months. She attends every one of my LIVE classes that she can, and we actually met there! She now also attends my community Fit Club and is taking on 80 Day Obsession on BOD starting this April 2018. She has two boys and stays at home to care for them as her #1 priority.

I love her personality and sense of humor, and I adore her hard work. She has dropped 30 pounds, and her goal is 70 more! I know she can do this so stay posted for more updates on Danielle. Here is what she had to say about her journey so far.

Danielle's children were her inspiration to get her "rear in gear" and seek a healthier lifestyle. She says her drive to go after what she will get her through until the end.

As a vegetarian, she is learning and trying new ways of eating to best fuel her body and has used the portion controlled containers to make sure she is eating enough daily.

There are no magic pills or secret sauce to losing weight, but she says she might be taking "crazy pills" (to keep working with me). Her best advice for those struggling is to keep moving!! She wants to lose the 100 pounds, keeps up with her kids and teaches them how to live a healthy lifestyle too



I "met" Deanna online on Instagram.  Her 100+ pound weight loss inspired me, and we started chatting and staying in touch.

What I loved is that she works hard, incorporated her family in her journey and she keeps going!!

Deanna was on blood pressure medications, she was pre-diabetic, and she was so unhappy.  She knew something needed to change. She was tired of not being able to participate in many fun things with her kids and decided to make a change. 

She varies her workouts and is focused on portion control.  She eats whole, real food and balances our her meals.  She puts in the time and hard work and created habits for herself that turned into a lifestyle.

Her biggest obstacle on this journey has been backhanded compliments from people and getting her mind to realize that she is a different person.

Her advice to those struggling is: "Set small goals. Reward your accomplishments with things you enjoy: a massage, a new bottle of perfume or even a tattoo!!!"

She would also do things a little different: “I lost 100 lbs in 7.5 months. But if I knew then what I know now, I think I would have slowed that down a bit. I wasn’t lifting often enough, and consequently, I know I lost muscle. Now that I lift more often than doing cardio, I am not at my lowest scale weight, BUT, I am wearing the smallest sizes ever.  I have muscle definition, and I am strong.  It’s true; muscle takes up less space than fat.  From 24W to size 2-4.  And that the mental part is the biggest thing that has to change.”

Her plans include lowering her body fat and getting stronger.  She loves that her health is IN CHECK and that she is active and healthy!  I love following her on IG and will continue to witness her success.



Meet Cassie!

She walked into my Turbo Kick class one day, and I knew I liked her right away! She’s spunky and real and a lot of fun.

Cassie knew she needed a life change when she had developed sleep apnea, high blood pressure and had gotten to the point where she couldn’t even play with her kids.

I remember she told me that she had given up fast food and lost weight right away as she gave up ease for better nutrition.  She also gave up soda.

She says her favorite thing about herself is her strength, and her biggest obstacle was getting under 200 pounds.

She knows there is no magic pill to lose weight but maybe wouldn’t mind one that gave her more patience (and I’ll take some too!). 🙂

Her best advice for those looking to make a lifestyle change is: “be patient, you won’t see progress right away, and sometimes that makes you want to give up but don’t!”

Her future goal is to start toning up loose skin, and I know she can do it!!!


No one ever says "remember that time I didn't go for what I wanted?" Today turns to tomorrow and tomorrow turns to next year. Let's get started today!